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  1. Lolo Wolf

    under car/vehichle 2 camera system help

    Secondary entrapment and or explosive/ambush is a technique used historically for many years world wide. as I noted earlier. to monitor a entry point with cctv to detect a explosive device and prevent a detonation without constant vigilance and trained personal with combination of local and regional intelligence, dogs and behavioral monitoring it is most probable that one will only capture after the fact footage,if such a incident occurs, this evidence is noted in the archives filled with actual footage of such acts. The hardened entry with barriers and meandering roadways can lessen the negative impact and the destructive blow but still it is a high risk that should be addressed by seasoned operators that are trained with all the latest security data and devices. Any investigator or training studies should start with Buda's Wagon. Just google it and gain some insightful info on the "first car bomb" ... Healthy New Year to all , regards
  2. Lolo Wolf

    under car/vehichle 2 camera system help

    Ok, perhaps you are correct, cctv and security dealing with the monitoring of assets, protecting and preventing theft/criminal behavior in a residential/commercial environment are indeed most discussed on the board however when the topic of bomb or explosive sabotage and related acts of terrorism came into topic I thought its important to be extremely vigilant and well versed in all the technology and threat analysis that is currently in motion in order to give advice. Often the criminal mind is to flee after a crime/intrusion, however the terrorist has a primary objective less the concern of their own life and that is a huge difference when it comes to security and related monitoring issues. I didn't mean to take the topic "way out there" Regards and safe holidays to all.
  3. Lolo Wolf

    under car/vehichle 2 camera system help

    Explosive detection goes beyond the traditional cctv design devices. The truck-car explosive often employed is commonly triggered before any detection by realtime camera systems which is why there exists so much footage of incidents after the fact. Hardened entrances (no straight line roadway with barriers and multiple curves) in combination with trained personal and dogs are added security. There are many incidents of truck-auto crashing past entrances, the human interaction is important in so far as personal trained to watch facial and body signs but time is key for detection, to limit the loss of life, a fine example of the newer tech being designed is the Idaho National Laboratory which has constructed a portal-style vehicle-borne explosives detection system. the Idaho Explosives Detection System has been installed at Ohio's Wright- Patterson Air Force Base for semi-permanent field testing. It deploys: pulsed thermal neutron generation - two neutron generators - one on each side - they saturate the vehicle with neutrons at a rate of 2,000 repetitions per second- rapid interrogation causes the molecular makeup of materials inside the vehicle to excite and emit gamma rays. At the same time, a series of 32 sodium-ion detectors identifies the signatures of the gamma rays. If explosives are present, IEDS will alert operators in less than 300 seconds. To isolate heavy traffic entrance is beyond the scope of just viewing the "speed bump" camera for underbelly explosive devices, often High Explosives are secreted within the trunk, engine and or cargo areas of vehicles or even on the person as well packed into the driver compartment.
  4. dont cover any of the slots or gaps... the camera is designed that way with a waterproof seal and a electrolysis dehumidification device which slows condesation electrolyzing internal moisture and discharges it from the cam check the pdf ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/pub/Panasonic/cctv/SpecSheets/WV-CW484_Series_10_06.pdf
  5. Lolo Wolf

    crest camera cj-8124

  6. Ive had a instance where I contacted a overseas manufactures tech depts direct with issues and got responses and solutions, even a offer to do some harsh field testing after they read my tech notes. In so far as Trucks and GM, one of the construction outfits I used to work years ago had a issue with a fleet buy and the trucks had defective idler arms...there was a failure to notify fleet shop stewards and the local dealer was not helpful at all....so they bypassed the regional sales rep and got in touch with Detroit direct and the issue was resolved. So in business, sometimes a direct courteous contact and persistence can work. As far as I am concerned no matter what the claim, be it one product or a large order, a company and its products is only as good as its support and QC. Respect goes a long way in my book. As I stated before, the economic reality will make customer service the driving force in todays market if a co wants to stay in business. Regards
  7. Real world - everyone has various experiences dealing with a company's service, positive/ negative. QC, performance and warranty issues contribute to a manufacturer/dealer/contractor viability over time. In the "old" days word of mouth impacted work/sales on a local level. Today the internet filled with reviews, forums, blogs etc... often force a company to create a business model that is tailored to PR based on the information/opinionated power of the web combined with trained sales reps. If a person feels a company (be it a dealer,vendor or manufacturer) fails to honor their spec be it a warranty or quality concern they should always consider the choice to do business with them or not. When I have issues with a product and if the party involved fails to resolve the issue in a timely manner or doesn't explain with a reasonable response, I choose not to give them any future business. Ive learned what vendors to avoid based on their ability to satisfy defective or warranty issues. Hard economic times has a way of cleaning out the junk in all markets and in time may force companies to revisit their customer service as consumers (be it a end user, corp. or contractor) tighten up their spending.
  8. I am not going to rant on codes or ability of trying to make a living, I know the bumps in the road spent most of my life workin in heavy construction and seen the BS from the inside out. Not behind a desk. When a contractor chooses to sidestep codes be it a national recognized law or local enforced requirements they do so with risk. Such risk can directly impact future bonding and ability to bid and perform public work, as well raise liability concerns in the event that a safety issue takes place. Estimate and design based on a clear understanding of the need to satisfy code is good business, and there is still room for profit. I agree building codes and local laws are often complicated by different jurisdiction and personalities but often the time it takes to figure ways around them is in the long run not worth it if a person wants to stay in business. If you loose a bid based on substandard work from a competitor and your customer fails to see that after you point it out than you are better off becuase more than likely they will chase after you later when they get flagged on a possible future inspection or a insurance claim. it is just a matter of time till that co gets flagged where as you will have your reputation and ability to sign off in future work and they will not. In my opnion one of the reasons our economy is in free-fall is the failure of the finical sector to follow laws and regulations put in place long ago combined with failure of the regulators oversight (pay offs, political-lobby, bid riggin etc)....the same shows in contracted work, there must be quality standards and practices in all work, the quick buck... well if they do it so will I attitude is what I think has taken pride and quality out of the picture and just added more fuel to the fire and the mess we are in now. Regards
  9. Electrical and building codes are for safety, although some interpretations can differ by municipality. Whether a installer/contractor chooses to follow the law is up to them but dont cry if you get flagged on it down the road. Its not uncommon to find work violations in all trades, structural, electrical, plumbing etc.and often such work can compromise the integrity of existing or ongoing work. If a safety issue was to arise due to added/upgraded electrical work not done to code be it LV or not it can cause liability concerns further down the road.There are very stringent rules for the routing of communications cabling covered in Chapter 8 of the NEC. and there are specific guidelines for mounting and acceptable devices for mounting communication cables. Design considerations are based on Fire/safety. Bad mouthing Union electricians has nothing to do with the job, if anything he or she was correct and obligated in reporting the violation if it was indeed based on safety/code. Regards
  10. Lolo Wolf

    Enclosure/Mounting for REG-X Camera

    Construct a cage/rebar, its very important to measure out your optimal cam placement layout the detail and required dimensions prior to constucting the form - form a interior pocket/hollow- more than one if you want to add lights or IR- the smaller opening for cam face to traffic and larger square opening in the rear for access panel directly behind the cam use tamper resistant Torx screws into a metal frame (can be made with angle iron set in the pour) - you can cap off your pillar with a decorative top (stone-precast whatever you desire) stub out for electrical before you pour - use conduit - when you box in for the cam face (round cut out) make sure you leave enough wiggle room to make fine adjustments. The work should be constructed with a footing as well be advised that you may have to conform to codes dependent on where you are due to the fact the columns/pillar are within a traffic zone. Some local DOT or AHJ may express concerns on breakaway requirements for such structures, good to check first with your local agency. You can modify this example to your own spec and add precast stone veneer to enhance your construction. Its not that difficult from a construction standpoint, the most labor intensive aspect is the layout - being you will have to temp set-up in D/N keeping tight to your measurements to achieve optimal LP view and follow those specs when you place/pour the structure. Most of my builds are Log/Timber arch gated entrys with cctv and access controls the one I am describeing was a entry for a home with matching pillars I will look to see if I can find some photos...it was many years ago. There are several pre-cast companies as well that have a variety of columns and pillars that can be modified for cams. regards
  11. Lolo Wolf

    Enclosure/Mounting for REG-X Camera

    I take it that this a unsupervised location....You may want to consider mounting a secondary quality cam for dedicated entry/access view and use the Reg-X for LP capture only, by doing this you will have coverage detecting any vandal/trespass activity as wll be able to capture any events if anybody tampers with your Reg-X cams. Ive formed concrete pillars for LP cams faced with pre-cast stone veneer with cut-outs for additional LV lighting, markers or IR lamps depending on the site, just make sure you stub out for cam, wire and service entry - frame in a lockable service door.
  12. Lolo Wolf

    Pinhole Cam Connection Help Needed Please

    sorry for the confusion the board cam I used was older ....and yes you are correct, over the years reading white papers and specs with a grain of salt, have encountered many QC issues and products packed with mismatched labels , wrong voltage specs. missing wire harness, brackets etc...
  13. Lolo Wolf

    Pinhole Cam Connection Help Needed Please

    Here is a link to the pin spec on the KPC-S700C http://www.ktncusa.com/english/viewtopic.php?t=386
  14. Lolo Wolf

    Pinhole Cam Connection Help Needed Please

    KT&C board cams Ive used are either 3pin or 4pin (with white-audio out)- the three pin has the GND common in the middle with video (yellow) and (Red) DC12v+ on either side.
  15. Lolo Wolf

    Pinhole Cam Connection Help Needed Please

    on the back on the speco...the input housing pins are from top to bottom...1)Video and 2)GND..and 3)GND 4)DC12V+ there is a diagram showing the pins on the speco website http://www.specotechnologies.com/cart/products/downloads/appcharts/CCD_Camera_User_Manual.pdf