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  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice on camera make/ model for my requirement. I have a requirement to install cameras at a chemical filling station. The chemical as such is highly inflammable and volatile one. I need to install cameras at their filling station but the camera shouldn't cause a fire. The other electrical stuff in this chamber are all anti-fire types.. which means they come with special enclosure that prevents the chemical from coming in contact with them. Even in the event of a spark caused by switching on(or off) of a switch, there is no threat of causing a fire. Ive done research but most of the solutions are all about enclosures that allow the camera to function even if there is fire rather than the ones that dont cause fire in the first place (Maybe it works the other way round too but I am not sure). Else I only observe that one manufacturer makes only the housing so I will need to figure out how to fix the camera within the enclosed space. If you know products that are available off the shelf and come with enclosures to prevent fires, then please let me know as it will be straightforward installation work then. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Hi, that statement is true. You wont use your internet if you do as you have planned.
  3. pbmb8883

    Can view DVR on laptop but not on Cell

    hi, what spec did you put on the laptop? are you trying to view it using the DVR software installed on the laptop? did you try to view the DVR from the browser? if all your devices are connected through LAN you must be able to see the DVR feed through the browser on your phone (and the phone is to be connected through wifi - to be on the same network). this should be the solution, unless Im missing something...
  4. hi, Is your idea of using big lamp/big teddy bear to ensure discrete surveillance? as in spycam? if yes, then regular cameras in india (i presume these are the ones you have researched) are big enough & they will scream their presence.. and most DVRs are big enough as well.. why dont you try D-Link cams? but they are not discrete, they are wifi enabled (hence no need for photon card)..they will use just one single power cable too... other brands are available as well but i have got bad results when i tested them. let me know if you need more info.
  5. pbmb8883

    Red image during day..

    IR filter problem. As mentioned in an earlier post force it to go on and off by covering the camera with your hand and then uncovering it.... if problem persists camera needs to be replaced.
  6. pbmb8883

    max recording for DVR and related analog TVL

    Oh..I didnt know that.. Thanks Joseph.
  7. Hi, I had a small technical query. I have read that using anything more than approx 300TVL with a CIF DVR is useless, as no matter how high the TVL of the camera the DVR would still do a CIF recording. I just need to know - if I apply this concept to D1 recording DVRs, is there a meaning in using 1000TVL cameras? as we would only get a D1 resolution. So whats the max TVL for which a D1 DVR would be meaningful? Am I wrong in any of my assumption? or am I missing something? Can you pl guide. Thanks.
  8. pbmb8883

    Help me

    any luck friend? Did you contact the manufacturer?
  9. pbmb8883

    DVR video feed security question

    the installer should give you an admin id and password after networking your DVR. you need to change that for sure(possible on DVR or through software on PC) else anyone with the password can access the video feed. I have used the app MEye and suggested it to many customers, it works fine but I use the free version (paid version is called MEyePro) and in the free version you get all those ads around but should work fine if you see your feed once in while. Sometime it crashes (not many times for me) but that could be result of not having the latest iOS or latest version of the App. App is available in all app stores. There are many cam apps around though.
  10. I am new to the forum and to this field. Looking for some help/ tips from Pros here. Can you please provide thumb rules for firmware installation on DVRs. What I am looking to do, is this - i have old (maybe 2009 product), possibly imitation DVR which seem to have really old dodgy firmware on them. as a result some of the recent options available on dvrs arent there. I want to know if a firmware install on these old dvrs help? Can i take a new latest release firmware (like say hikvision firmware, dahua firmware) and put that on such DVRs? what limitations are there when someone plans for a firmware install? or how do I determine that the best possible firmware is on the dvr and beyond such a point the DVR itself cant support firmware. I would be grateful for any guidance and help.