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  1. The problem for me was the cameras power adapter was gone that why the beeping sound..replace power adapter!
  2. I think I fixed my problem, black and white is gone but still cooling fan won't turn on...just put a usb fan on top of the dvr , it seem to work fine
  3. Please follow instructions ==>Take out the internal battery of the DVR. ==>Make sure the power is unplugged from the unit ==>Then take the internal battery for a few minutes, then plugged back in ==>Power on the unit and the day and time will be reset to 1-1-2000. ==>Now use the admin account to logging and the password will be 000000 ==>After you logging you can change the password of the admin username ==>then you must change the date and time. All Set.
  4. I have a sunluxy dvr and the cooling fan won't work, dvr start I can view all cameras but picture is black and white. I change the power supply and still same thing cooling fan won't start.. Checked the fan connector and it is giving me 0.09 ...the fan works on my computer..don't know what is wrong, please help!
  5. Same thing is happening to me after 1 month of use, before it just beeped when ever I was using a remote (tv,avr,etc) now it started beeping until I turn it off, I had try every thing but still does the same thing help! Sunluxy h 264 network dvr 8 channels....ok I open the case up and I see the little fan is not turning, not working, I don't know if that is the culprit. I'm gonna order one of those little bastards and see if that the problem ,then I let you know..