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  1. pilotos

    Power Problem ???

    Hi to all, i was wondering if this line that goes through my image from up to down, is a result from low power voltage or from poor image quality of the camera ??? The camera is an analogue dome Ganz zc-d4039pha 540 tv lines, and all the connections are made with a Cat5 cable. Thank you !!!
  2. Hello, i need your help guys....i just got this dome camera and it has 2 jacks(sockets) that are not included in the manual, and i was wondering if someone can give me more info.... a)Service Jack...this is a jack to take video image in order to adjust focus(according the manual)...does it include also the OSD menu ????? i can see on the board that there is an OSD menu, because i see the menu arrows... b)''Unknown'' socket with 4pin(on side of lens board).....can someone tell me what is this for ?????what kind of cable???i couldn't find anything on Google or manual...... Thanks !!!!!
  3. Hello, i just bought the Vivotek vs8100 video server, but i am thinking to connect it directly to my DVR (video out) instead of the camera itself... So my configuration will be : Camera connected to the DVR and from there the video server connected to the video out of the DVR. Is it possible ??will i get the image ?? Thank you..
  4. pilotos

    Choosing a Dome Camera.

    Many thanks !!!!!!
  5. pilotos

    Choosing a Dome Camera.

    Correct and thanks a lot for the info.... I am not so much interested about IR light, i am after for a more light sensitive sensor..I already own an analog camera from Hikvision which is light sensitive enough to catch star light and together with the sens up function you can see a lot more..... But, i am missing the megapixel image quality....!! Does anyone know if 0.01lux is enough sensitive to gather star light?????? How about this one? http://www.vivotek.com/ip8173h/#views:view=jplist-grid-view Thanks
  6. pilotos

    Choosing a Dome Camera.

    Hello , i am planning to buy my first IP Dome Camera, not something expensive, maybe around 250euros/300$ for home use, and i would like to ask from the people who own one, a couple of questions.... -is it true that dome cameras are more light sensitive than box or bullet ? -if i install the camera on flat surface (like a table) and not at the ceiling, is the image going to be upside-down or is there way to flip it from the software ? -is there any dome camera (for home use) that can have a rotation of 360 degrees ? -is there any dome camera varifocal or with changeable lens ? Sorry for all these questions but there are so many in the market.... Finally...i am between 2 brands, Hikvision & Dahua....any recommendations ???? Many Thanks !!!!!!!!!
  7. pilotos

    Port 9527 ???

    Anyone knows why this port is open by my DVR??? I was able to telnet and i found out lots of info, but i don't understand the point of it....
  8. pilotos

    DVR H.264 FTP settings....

    How is it possible that the CMS software on my windows can access the HDD installed on my DVR ?and i can not with ftp ??
  9. Hello, can anyone please explain to me what is the purpose of the FTP ? Ftp to what ? to the DVR? and where, which IP address to put?....why to ftp...Can i access the Hdd installed with FTP ? So far i could only telnet to the DVR at port 23....i tried numerous times to ftp at port 21 and i couldn't... Can someone please help ?? Many Thanks...
  10. Hi, i am able to telnet to my dvr...can someone please tell me at which folder the video files from the hdd are located ?? Is it possible to mount this folder to my windows 7 home network as a shared folder ?? Many Thanks !!!
  11. pilotos

    Use VLC to view feeds from chinese DVRs

    Gyus , i have been fighting to make my http url to work....rtsp is working as the previous post are mentioning....but how can i figure out the http streaming ? I would like to upload my camera to EarthCam...and from what i see they accept only http streams... I am trying this but no luck : http://ipadress:81/user=xxxx&password=&channel=1&stream=1.sdp/real_stream Any ideas ??what is missing ??
  12. i sniffed the http url from the webpage that my dvr is streaming, but when i put it in vlc i get only a black screen...anyone knows what is missing ??? http://www.xmeye.net/video/index.jsp?mac=my_serial_number&username=my_user&password=
  13. Hello, i am having a difficulty to stream my DVR image to the EarthCam website or to any other website..... My rtsp stream is this : "rtsp://192.168.x.x:554/user=xxxxxx&password=xxxx&channel=1&stream=1.sdp" and its working on VLC, but i can not use rtsp on that website, only http.... Can someone help me by telling me what it could be the correct http stream url, so i can upload my stream ??http port 8080 (TCP) is open on my router... I have tried a lot examples taken from the ispy website...but i cant find any suitable for my case. Thanks !!
  14. Wow !! What an answer " title="Applause" />
  15. Hello, i am posting a screenshot taken from my Windows CMS software because i have some questions and i was wondering if someone can explain to me : a)PPPoe b)ARSP c)FTP d)PMS I am not very sure what i can do with these settings.... Thank you.