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  1. tyron_laidlaw

    H.264 DVR recording problem

    Ok, in that case have you tried setting it up what to record in the settings? E.g motion recording? You have to do it individually for each individual camera. Have you tried that? Or would you like me to post a video link on how to do so ?
  2. tyron_laidlaw

    H.264 DVR recording problem

    Hi Scott. Mine is doing the exact same thing in what you just mentioned. Have you got the sunluxy h.264 dvr? I emailed the seller. And they do not have a hdd in them ! Very disappointing I know ! I have since contacted them and sent back the item and am getting a new one with a hdd already installed ! Haha ! What a mess around !
  3. tyron_laidlaw

    H.264 DVR recording problem

    Hi Scott, no I didn't. But I have someone looking at the problem tomorrow who knows how to fix. So I will post when he has sorted and let you know if you wish ? Tyron
  4. HI GUYS, i have a sunluxy h.264 dvr and the manual is very basic and doesn't give any information on troubleshooting or problems that rise. my dvr isn't recording, every time i try to play back it comes back with a message saying " the following channel has no file" can someone please help me as i need this problem resolved asap thanks