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  1. hi i had until now only the effio-e. i tried the effio-a, it looks like sharper image, but on low light, when moving object, it making many noises. is this normal? please download the file to see the original file with its noises https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4zVggF5JuNyZjZDdUw1ekQ5dnc/view?usp=sharing thanks
  2. hi AHD-M DVR will have better quality than 060H DVR, for 960H cameras or no difference? thanks
  3. hello i'm trying to record both motion and "regular", so i can scan/playback the parts when motion detected, but when it switching from regular to motion, it cutting/skipping 1-3 seconds here is sample that i combined the 2 files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4zVggF5JuNyM21uWWhxMUJlbms/view?usp=sharing is it the same way in yours too? how to fix this? thanks
  4. hello i got today a 960h dvr that's looks like a fake to me what is fake? this is photo that was taken from an older d1 dvr http://i.cubeupload.com/WOMAtF.jpg this photo was taken from the new 960h dvr http://i.cubeupload.com/ETihhx.jpg as you can see, this is EXACT same photo, SAME CORNERS, just stretched now, there are two options: 1. the D1 dvr was compressed the 960h sensor into d1 resolution 2. the 960h dvr was taken a d1 and stretched it into 960h resolution to me, the d1 photo looks more natural and the 960h looks too wide like it was stretched and it's a fake 960h dvr. what do you think? any way to test this? here is a comparison http://i.cubeupload.com/qHBK1W.png
  5. akv

    motion detection

    typical chinese dvr with a typical OS: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hi3521-HDMI-8-Channel-DVR-Recorder-H-264-Full-960H-Recording-HDMI-VGA-Output-Support/1482345609.html
  6. And what did you actually expect? You do have more resolution. WHere you have 704x576, now you have 960x576. Did you think that changing the DVR would make your camera see wider? The DVR just turns the analog video signal it receives from the camera into 0s and 1s. You do have more resolution now, so you have more detail. But changing the DVR won't change the angle the camera is seeing. i thought the D1 dvr using part of the sensor of 960h camera, sometimes this exist for example dahua 3mp ip camera using the whole sensor only when using the maximum resolution. i know more cases when cameras cropping part of the image, sometimes in order to remain the aspect ratio(using 4:3 sensor to shoot 16:9 1080P video) or sometimes it's a hardware limitation. why should it not be wider? 960x576 IS WIDER than 704x576. the common sense tell you that if you get a 960x576 native resolution camera, you should get 960x576 dvr. now, you might say that i had before d1 dvr, so it probably made the picture looks "narrower" than real ("make people taller"), but this is the opposite case. the D1 dvr looks natural, real aspect ratio, native, and the 960h dvr looks stretched to wider, even the 960h dvr is matched to the camera resolution and the d1 dvr is not. there are no extra details using the 960h dvr. how can it be that 704x576 capture the exact field of view like 960x576? they are different aspect ratio. if sony claim their sensor and chipset is 960x576 NATIVE PIXELS, and when you use 960x576 dvr it looks too wide, stretched, and not showing any additional details, the conclusion is that sony are lying about the true pixels, they are not 960x576 pixels, they are something else and has been stretched now, where is the "extra details"? those 2 pictures took from the same dvr, one at d1, other on 960h mode. d1 even looks a little more detailed and the natural not stretched: http://i.cubeupload.com/IDnf0K.png http://i.cubeupload.com/nWgGXk.png look also in this review on the 960H field of fiew part http://ipvm.com/report/hd_analog_shootout
  7. yes, but i wanted to switch to 960h dvr and it looks like it's not real 960h because it's the same corners, same photo, just stretched. http://ipvm.com/report/hd_analog_shootout
  8. hi what is the difference between those two power supplies and which is better for analog cameras? http://www.ebay.com/itm/121008821600 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/12V-5A-DC-60W-Switching-Power-Supply-CCTV-110V-220V-input-Suitable-for-CCTV-Radio-Camera/611180751.html
  9. hi i need to get a camera, will be on the street outside my house. it's analog ccd camera. the light at night is not that good. i have option to upgrade the lens from f2.0 to f1.2, a little more expensive. my concerns are: 1. how is the sharpness of the f1.2 (it's china lens, not brand) 2. i live in country with lots of sun. i concern that it will be overexposure at day light what do you think? thanks
  10. i forgot to update. the problem was too large hdd. making 500gb partitions solved it
  11. i have problem with the smart pss. can't allocate it. when i doing allocation, it do allocate but there is no space for recording. this is what i get: i already tried to format, replaced this hdd with new same hdd, reinstalling the windows 7. nothing worked. a week ago it did worked untill i uninstalled the smart pss and reinstalled it. i also tried 2 other hdd, the 500gb main drive and 640gb wd drive. both worked good on that pc. anyone knows how to solve this?
  12. hi i want to combine my pc, ip-cameras system with 3 more analog cameras. what is the best value, but decent quality dvr card? thanks
  13. for example a camera has 960h resolution, can i connect it with dvr that support only d1, so the dvr will accept the camera as d1? or it they will not work anyway? thanks
  14. hi i'm looking to combine my pc system that's running dahua ip cameras, with analog cheap cameras. it is important to have decent low light view. my dahua has minimum illumination of 0.01 lux color, and 0.005 lux of b&w. i found those cameras that claim to have 0.001 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/700TVL-SONY-COLOR-CCD-48IR-3-6mm-Lens-wide-angle-CCTV-Dome-Camera-for-960H/1518278883.html i would like to know what you think about this cameras, and if you have better reccomendation and do you think this is real 0.001 lux? thanks
  15. the one that will comes with the dvr card, im hoping i'm looking for inexpensive card, that will do the job. not more than 3 cameras i need to plug to the pc that's running windows 7 do you think this is good enough? http://www.ebay.com/itm/PCI-DVR-4-CH-Channel-Security-Camera-Video-Capture-Card-NAL-NISC-/171414761503?pt=US_Surveillance_Digital_Video_Recorders_Cards&hash=item27e91db01f more expensive one http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-pc-x-EDS-Dvr-card-4-ch-support-win7-64-bit-phone-surveillance-100-120-FPS-/151369026951?pt=US_Surveillance_Digital_Video_Recorders_Cards&hash=item233e4c0d87 i also prefer it will have option to connect remotly (android, pc) using ip and port thank you
  16. hello 1. do POE might cause overheating or any other problems that power supply don't? we live in hot country with direct sun on the cameras. i was read on amazon review that report problem with poe system. it's important that the system will be stable as the power supply is right now, we just don't have protection from rain so want to switch to poe. 2. do you know any non expensive software that can analyze the video to detect car plates?
  17. akv

    poe or power supply

    Thanks I thought there is a software to get a software to analyze the videos as they are and get car numbers from them. But never mind, i don't need that so much.
  18. ok i'm trying somthing else, i will update if it work, not sure yet
  19. akv

    poe or power supply

    yes, even not 12mm. i have 6mm with 3mp camera and it is way enough on daylight to pick up the numbers. i just wanted a software that can analyze the videos and to show me list of car plates, not viewing all the MD recording
  20. akv

    poe or power supply

    thank you very much i ordered the tp-link poe switch. i already have 3 dahua ipc-hfw4300s. as for the car license, i give up on that. i found some compenies that do that but it's probably very expensive
  21. hello i would like to do 24/7 record, but with option to skip into the parts where motion detected. is it possible to do this on dahua's software? or any other software?
  22. Dahua got new mini nvrs, 4ch/8ch some models with poe and with internal sata hdd. would like to know if anyone found where to buy this, expecially the NVR104/108 and NVR104/108-P models? and what is the difference between the black and white ones? i only found that the white got audio support and "smart 1u" (don't know what it means) the first 4 nvrs: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products_category/nvr-100.html
  23. hi contact anran support, they have very good support and they got a reset tool. they sent me that and it for windows xp and it worked