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  1. freakwent

    Resolution Headaches

    Hello! Please, if you can give any suggestion at all, do so! I am *stuck*. I have new HD analog cameras, capable of modern high resolutions, this model: https://www.hikvision.com/en/Products/Analog-Camera/Turbo-HD-Camera/HD1080P/Outdoor-Dome/DS-2CE56D7T-VPIT I have an NVR, DS-7208HVI-ST/SE. I have created (with BNC crimps) an new BNC-BNC cable and connected the camera to the NVR. I have no camera image on the NVR. I believe that it's working properly. Questions include: 1) How can I tell if the camera is working? No LEDs, no POE, no ethernet lights (lol) -- it's just a black box. How can I be sure it's even on? 2) How does the camera and the nvr negotiate a working resolution? Do I need to buy ones that match, and I didn't, so that's it; I need to buy new cameras? In which case, where on earth can I buy 4CIF cameras? There appears to be no option to configure resolutions on the the camera or the NVR, i had been half expecting to find dip switches. 3) Does anyone know how I can get hold of Hikvision to get an admin password reset on the NVR? USA support refer me to Australia, and Australian support ignore my emails. Online services don't yield a working unlock key. It comes from a site with existing hybrid power/coax cable runs, and I don't want to recable the whole building, so i want to keep the working cameras and the cables that are there, which means there's little point replacing the NVR, because I'd just be replacing a working analog NVR with another unit of basically the same thing. Thanks sincerely in advance for any advice or suggestions!
  2. Hi! Is anyone aware of a Hikvision (or other!) IP camera that I can buy that has the following feature set? - IR - ONVIF - POE - Weatherproof / suitable for use outside - Effective 2-way audio So there's an existing setup, and I want to add a camera at the gate, with a panel in the house to allow discussions with potential visitors - and probably a switch to open the gate. I'm willing to mess about with an external mic if I must, but it would be better if I can get it all in a single uinit. What's the sound pickup like on the integrated mikes? How loud are built-in speakers, can they be heard over an idling car engine perhaps? Thanks in advance!
  3. Either your username/pass are being entered wrong -- type them in notepad to check your keyboard isn't doing something weird. (sanity check) OR You have the wrong one. You think it's "TeddyB3ar" but it's actually "QWE3!$14#_~" OR Your camera is broken. 2 is most likely. If the camera has a reset button, use it (check the manual) then try the default password.
  4. freakwent

    Mini nvr questions

  5. You know the one I mean, with no reset button that's powered via a USB cable. How does the recording work? Mine can see the hard drive but playback is always empty. Can anyone with a working one offer any advice please?
  6. use Internet Explorer to hit the Camera's IP Address, you should be able to download and install an ActiveX control that will help.
  7. freakwent

    POE Switch Uplink?

    1) Yes they do, and no, the Ebay one is an *injector*, it's only for adding POE to an existing network. It'll do what you want, but it's messy and takes up space and uses up electricity/ You need a POE port for every POE device. I use 8 powered port switches to allow for expansion later, but if you know you'll never need more than 4 powered devices then a half/half would be fine. Likewise, the camera probably can't push out a video feed more than, say, 6Mbits, so even at ten times that, 100Mbits on the switch ports would be fine. *However*, planning ahead we assume that one day the gear will be removed, and it would be nice if it was still useful for something else, so I get these: http://www.dlink.com/us/en/business-solutions/switching/smart-switches/easysmart/dgs-1100-08p-8-port-gigabit-easysmart-poe-switch So whatever needs to be added later, can be.
  8. Aliexpress have a buyer protection thing, like 30 or 45 days or something, in theory it's plenty of time for the thing to get to you and you to test it properly, I think it's 100% reliable but I've never had to use it. And yes, you should pay the return shipping. You aren't getting ripped off, you're carrying risk; this is why you charge a markup, to compensate you for this risk. If this is, like a home hobby thing then that's different -- relish the challenge and learn high precision electroinics and fix the camera! Seriously though, what are the symptoms? Does it support POE? If so, have you tested it both with and without? If you get a link light on the network switch then connect a computer to the same LAN with the IP address and run wireshark on it, look for packets from If you see any, then it's fixable.
  9. freakwent

    Mini nvr questions

    Okay, this is a long thread and there are a lot of features in the device. I think it's a shame that it only supports hard drives and doesn't seem to work with USB "thumb" drives, but there's probably not much that we can do about that. I ended up with a piece of software that generates one-time-codes that, when used at login, erase the admin password, as well as the hard-coded root password that we all probably know by now. I see other people have posted firmware updates, I seem to have 4.0.21040322, but I don't know what advantage there is in updating this. I have purchased one of the recommended drives and it's showing up. I've made all the week yellow in the scheduler, so it should be doing motion detection all the time. The camera itself is set to do motion detection and to upload images to an FTP server that's currently not available. So... Can anyone suggest what I might be missing to get motion detection working? Lastly, more generally, if you end up with a few hundred or thousand motion detected images on a web server somewhere, what do you use to manage/view them? Is there a good web based imaging solution that works well for this?
  10. Okay well this is good so far as it goes. Model DS-2CD2032-I Serial No. DS-2CD2032-I20140515CCCH464808456 Firmware Version V5.1.0 build 131202 Encoding Version V5.0 build 131128 The camera needs to reboot after the flashing, and if you leave the tftp server up you might get downhearted because the camera won't be reachable until it boots with no tftpserver available. Also while in this mode it exposes the filesystem over FTP, which is nice. I think the developers at Hikvisions really have their **** together, if this was a baseline for software in electronic devices universally then we'd all be happier. However -- are we "stuck" on this version now for these cameras? How can we get other various bugfixes? Where can we reliably find English digicam.dav files?
  11. This no longer works. I have: 设备型号 DS-2CD2032-I 设备序列号 DS-2CD2032-I20140515CCCH464808456 主控版本 V5.1.2 build 140116 编码版本 V5.0 build 140110 I've changed the bytes myself and I've installed the downloadable file. I've also followed grabbed the digicap.dav file from wrightwood but the camera won't accept it through the web interface, it responds with 状态 语言不匹配 Which translates to "State language does not match" Does anyone have any bright ideas? Is there a realtime translation plugin for firefox or something that we can use to work around this?