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    Hello everyone! While working on my "summer project" between semesters, I stumbled across this forum. I'm an undergrad computer science/computer security student as well as an IT technician. Part of my responsibilites at work is managing our massive network camera system, consisting of over 500 cameras and still nowhere near complete. As a student, one of my interests also happens to be embedded systems/embedded development, as well as electronics/electrical engineering. So network cameras are an area that has a lot of overlap between school and work. Now, about my "summer project". Some of the cameras we use at work are basically rebadged/rebranded Hikvision cameras, so I have been studying the internals of these cameras, trying to learn how they work from the ground up as well as any potential security flaws they have. Through my research, I came across the work of CBX and others on these cameras and have learned quite a bit about them already from his informative posts. I hope to continue my work on these cameras, but I still have a lot to learn. Thank you guys for the expertise you share on this forum and I hope I can contribute!