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  1. try the first result from this link- dated 13 july 2010 see if its any help.:- selecting the result opens a pdf with instructions.
  2. have you tried any of these :- https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=american+dynamics+hard+drive+replacement+procedure lots of info.
  3. jazzar

    Port Forwarding for Security Camera

    reply to peacflwr. I am confused then see from web other forum- ------------------------------------------ I'm hoping somone can help me quickly with this. I just purchased a PVC2300. It's sitting behind a router with a static IP address. We properly port forwarded the alternate HTTP to port 1024, and we can see the web camera's ouput from ouside the router as expected. Then I discovered that we can only have 10 simultaneous HTTP connections, but I really need to use the RTSP with MULTICAST. We created a RTSP port forwarding rule on the router to port 554, and viola, we were able to connect from the outsid world using REAL PLAYER and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER by entering the following: rtsp://:554/img/media.sav ------------------------------------------------ so does it depend on type of router and isp if the port needs to be opened or not ?
  4. jazzar

    Embeding a Logo in the Video

    old school kit / solution if you can input a video signal of the logo onto this unit, then display as a picture in picture and send the combined output down the line ? see:- http://www.ambery.com/2pivigemi.html
  5. jazzar

    some cameras losing power?

    they can be a hit or a miss- I fitted 3 off 12v brand new units for some fibre Tx units and after 1 week one failed - these were from a reputable psu manufacturer. I have found that if you up the current rating then usually you have less problems ie if you need 12v at 1 amp see if you can use a 1.5 or 2 amp psu.
  6. jazzar

    Cable Connectors Help

    rs components. see link in this post:- viewtopic.php?f=6&t=45455 you will need to adjust the search for 6way or 8way etc along with the pitch- distance between centres of pins.
  7. jazzar

    WJ-HD316A - Delete Video

    is it possible that the footage is on the HDD see from manual- 8 Auto Delete It is possible to delete recorded images automatically when the set number of days has passed from the day the image was recorded. Refer to a system administrator for further information. The number of days for the auto delete function is as follows. The auto delete function will not work when OFF is selected. OFF/1DAY/2DAYS/3DAYS/4DAYS/5DAYS/6DAYS/7DAYS/ 8DAYS/9DAYS/10DAYS/14DAYS/30DAYS/45DAYS/ 60DAYS/90DAYS/120DAYS/150DAYS/180DAYS ---------this ---- bit------here-------- Note: Images recorded on the HDD copy area will not be deleted. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Manual Delete for Normal Recording Area By setting the time and date, images in the normal recording area of the hard disk that were recorded up until a day before the set time and date will be deleted. Enter a 2-digit number for the year when entering the time and date. Manual Delete for Event Recording Area By setting the time and date, images in the event recording area of the hard disk that were recorded up until a day before the set time and date will be deleted.
  8. Hi - Don't have all the answers but the cable outer core should be suitable for its environment ie if outside it should be an external grade, if in a duct it should be duct grade quality if exposed to the elements it should be ultra violet resistant etc. I found this reference your cat5 cable:- http://www.twistedpairtech.co.uk/caution-using-cooper-clad-aluminium-cat5-cable/ which indicates the cable you have used is not 100% copper- it may still be fine for your application but wouldn't be recommended in a professional installation and would not conform to standards. regarding the psu shorting- you could fit an in line fuse similar to a car type on the positive wire as close as possible to the psu- so if you do get a short you will simply replace the fuse once the short is rectified, the psu may have inbuilt protection but if your not sure fitting an inline fuse means you are definitely protected. Not sure about the splitter question- but I would think if it has separated the power / voltage wires then providing the voltages and current rating is ok for the camera then you should be ok to use it.
  9. jazzar

    Indoor flying drone security camera

    i am sure I seen one of these on tv- storage wars- I think for anyone who watches it- barry had one and flew it into the storage locker lost control of it and whacked it off the wall. don't know if was wireless or just blue tooth- had a couple of led lights as well. what would be the primary commercial use for this be what industry etc what volume of expected sales within said industry/ies. it may be to small or a niche market. good luck.
  10. jazzar

    Port Forwarding for Security Camera

    so you have used a check ports tool and it can see your port 8090 is open ? have you also opened the rtsp port for streaming video and port forwarded it, you should also have the login and password available for authentication to connect to your device you should get a webpage of some sort for access to settings and if using a viewing application you should get the video through- if not are you getting any error indications etc.
  11. check out veracity kit- they do a long range unit as well as a basic extender.
  12. follow the post I guided yo to, select the card under device manager and select the details tab and select the hardware option from the dropdown box, this will give you the vendor and device- once you have this you may then track down the suitable software.
  13. jazzar

    Intellex 4.3 Network client

    think you need to set the time zone on each intellex unit so that each recorder has its own timezone set- accessed via windows setup by exiting the intellex application and adjusting time setttings on the windows platform then reboot unit for changes to take place.
  14. jazzar

    NVR system Design

    it may be that the NVR isn't recognising the model of the camera. this can happen- not all nvrs will recognise all ip cameras. can you try and see if you can connect to each of the cameras from a laptop or pc being connected to your switch and then progress from there ie if your pc/laptop can see the camera then your left with the nvr issue- if yo cant even see the cameras from the pc/laptop - get this working first.
  15. jazzar

    NVR Home Setup questions...

    check out PELCO dx4800 series hybrid should do it for you. it can also be remotely accessed via Ethernet cable so you can view on your pc / laptop if cat5 wired from pc laptop to nvr. not sure if it will pick up your type of IP camera's- a phone call should sort you out with this.
  16. Eldorado: see :- viewtopic.php?f=6&t=45308 on how to find manufacturer and drivers for unknown card for pc use.
  17. jazzar

    Cctv training In UK

    Norbain is a big supplier to the CCTV industry see:- http://www.norbain.com/services/training/
  18. jazzar

    Power connector for CNB-D2005N?

    or try this for a selection:- http://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/?searchTerm=2+way+screw+down+terminal+block+cable+mount&sra=oss&r=t
  19. jazzar


    the bigger chip will give a bigger resolution.
  20. not sure if the nvr will only recognise Samsung cameras using the mac codes as opposed to recognising the IP addresses. maybe a call to Samsung tech, or is there a way of manualy adding the ip address and select - other type or unknown - if they are not Samsung cameras then see if you can get connected- you will probably have to define the rts port under the manual registration process along with login and password details for authentication so that the nvr will pick it up again this may be different than the Samsung default rts port.
  21. jazzar

    Power connector for CNB-D2005N?

    you will get them from RS components. you will need to measure the pitch- the distance from centre to centre of the pins. similar to this:- http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/non-fused-terminal-blocks/0403875/
  22. jazzar


    see page 16 :- http://www.leadingoptics.com/Download/20130530020111.pdf the size of the chip.
  23. jazzar

    Port Forwarding for Security Camera

    before you can get connected from the world of the web you need to get the ports open that's step 1. for an example of port forwarding see:- viewtopic.php?f=6&t=45425
  24. jazzar

    A detailed Fibre optics system of 13 cameras.

    there are various single channel/4/8 channel fibre optic units out there. you can daisy chain from cam to cam and use a fibre each, you could also use a multichannel receiver via 1 fibre to a common collection point near the cameras or a bit of both. use fibre to a break out box then run copper localy to cameras that are near each other. your info supplied is a bit low on info ie distances involved /local power available etc.
  25. did you port forward the rts port as well as port 80