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  1. I can provide schematic type .DWG files using autocad. Provide me with a rough sketch and the info you want on the site name ie project number etc. Can do this in my spare time for a reasonable hourly cost.
  2. jazzar

    Physically Masking Camera?

    Nothing wrong in physicaly masking off the area. Vould use a camera that has privacy masking as a feature.
  3. jazzar

    Pelco net300

    This can be a number of things primarily the security levels of windows 7. In past i have had to set up active x to run as unsecured ie minimum restrictions to get the active x components to load Also set ip address in as a trusted site. Possibly use f12 on internet explorer and set to run im emulation mode of ie8 etc And even set the ip address as a trusted site under java controls . Windows 7 is most likely causing the issue. Try googling each of the above.
  4. jazzar

    PC build for new system

    Try googling monitor wall server. These will do the task of the presenting video to the multiple monitors. Available with different numbers of outputs from 4 to 16. Maybe worth looking at.
  5. see ptz setup on quantum menu:- http://www.owlsecurity.co.uk/Quantum%20HD%20Manual.pdf link the two wires on rear of the quantum unit. set camera protocol & speed on the camera unit probably via dipswitches. they should then communicate.
  6. From manual:- see attached to set the limits.
  7. jazzar

    Samsung cctv ports being used on new router

    this any help:- https://www.samsungsv.com/Download/SDS-P3040_User_Manual.pdf pages 59 to 69 shows ports and DDNS. ONLY USING PORT 80 FOR WEB BROWSER 4520 - 4524 For Tcp 8000 - 8160 For Udp
  8. jazzar

    qvis 8chnd1-8case

    have you tried:- http://qvisglobal.com/knowledge-base/support-section-manuals contact info and download manuals
  9. jazzar

    Netgear router port optoins

    Once port forward service set up then set up Firewall rule to allow access to the new service:- see:- https://kb.netgear.com/8219/How-to-setup-Inbound-Outbound-firewall-rules-on-NETGEAR-Modem-router-gateways once done check if port is open via canyouseeme.org
  10. jazzar

    Netgear router port optoins

    you usually have to create a new service with the port number and also allow it permission through the firewall. use canyouseeme.org from a pc connected to your router - input port number to test.
  11. another big boy in the industry gone.
  12. jazzar

    Centralized Power Supply

    Fan is for cooling. If you remove the cooling then the psu could overheat resulting in component failure of the psu.
  13. jazzar

    hard drive

    there are some drives specifically designed for constant read write as opposed to a pc which will generally have a long rest period when you switch off and go home from work etc. see;- https://www.wdc.com/en-gb/products/internal-storage/wd-purple.html?cid=goog:ppc:phase2:wdpurple:ic:purp western digital purple.
  14. jazzar

    Help required after tweaking

    hi dude- you need to give a bit more info. for example if I hit you with:- My car lights don't work - what fuse should I check- people wont bother - too vague and lazy.
  15. jazzar

    RG59 Coaxial Cable

    get a sample of the good quality cable along with the spec and then google and research- quality usually costs money- you want a good %copper screening- you can get 90% or so with double screen etc for military, avoid steel centre core- should be 100% copper- a lot of cheap nasty stuff out there.
  16. Samsung do an ip network recorder with built in Poe 16 channel unit- so you don't need a separate switch. If you use IP systems. Cost effective.
  17. jazzar

    Tidy cables / cable management

    google spiral wrap.
  18. have you looked at Samsung (Hanwha now) range.
  19. you could mount the camera directly onto a box like this if doesn't look out of place on site, any psu's / connections can be fitted inside box. see bottom of page on link for some alternatives. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/wall-boxes/1112351/
  20. jazzar

    Video Wall 6LCD - PC spec.

    quick google on 6 display monitors for pc , result:- http://info.matrox.com/graphics/adw/video-cards/c-series/drive-6-to-12-displays-with-C680-graphics-card?ref=adwords&gclid=CL6dg9jd2M4CFcYV0wodBu4GwQ will do 12 if 2 cards linked- awesome.
  21. try this company and cable- http://www.gemcable.co.uk/products/p3607/BT3002-LSZH-Coax-Cable/product_info.html
  22. jazzar

    what connector is this

    if you are still struggling with the connector you can buy some cheap BOOTLACE FERRULES. Get the right size for the dvr pins and if you can attach a short stranded cable to it and gently squeeze the ferrule so it grips the wire while leaving the end of the ferrule round so it can be pushed on to the dvr terminal pin for your connection. add some insulating tape around to avoid shorting pins then just join the stranded cable to your cat 5 and then cable tie or tape the wires onto the chasis to stop them pulling out. Its a rough fix but will work, - I have done this in the past with hard to get connectors. These ferrules can be bought from stores like Maplin.- easy workaround/fix.
  23. jazzar

    CCTV network switch selection

    check out trendnet products.
  24. ref whats a quad- google quad unit cctv and alao for example see:- https://www.spycameracctv.com/spycamera/quad-processor-split-screen-cctv-system?gclid=COmbrO3gp8wCFUO3GwodxnkGvw old tech but cheap and simple.
  25. one of my guys mentioned it a few days ago and I checked out link:- http://ipvm.com/reports/dm-end