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  1. old topic but full of gems.. thanks guys for sharing..
  2. just finished reading this topic and learned a lot here.. thanks guys from sharing your ideas.. really helped me a lot since i'm facing the same problem..
  3. hi catseyenu, thanks for the info.. will look at it..
  4. nemokali

    Newbie here..

    yes, definitely.. simply reading on the posts teaches me, also learning a lot from you guys.. I'm really grateful for this site..
  5. nemokali

    Hello Looking at installin an IP system

    another thing to consider if your planning to use a pc-based system is the requirements.. i believe it will require you a higher-end CPU.. i believe the seasoned experts can confirm or cannot confirm my suggestion...
  6. nemokali

    Newbie here..

    hi numb-nuts.. thanks for the welcome..
  7. nemokali

    Wide CCTV design for a Cement Plant

    learned a thing here.. thanks for the share..
  8. newbie here, Hi guys i have questions regarding port forwarding and online access on dvr system.. 1. is it true that you need to have a static IP address (provided by ISP) for you be to be able to port forward and access your system from anywhere? 2.If Dynamic Ip address can be used, how do you do set up when the Ip resets? Thanks for your time reading and sharing.. Thank you in advance..
  9. nemokali

    Hello guys..

    Hi Guys, kinda newbie here.. it's great to know that there's also forum for cctv.. just browsing on the old posts, i already learned a thing or two.. Props to the guys who willingly give info and share their knowledge here.. Keep it up..
  10. nemokali

    converting old rj45 cameras

    learned a lot here..
  11. nemokali

    Newbie here..

    hello cctv forum.. i'm nemokali, kinda newbie.