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  1. Might have worked but the female jack was destroyed while tracing the pins (the pin connections are in a solid piece of plastic, not possible to trace the wire to the pin)
  2. The center two pins on the etnernet type jack connection on my lorex network camera model MCNB 2151 aka LNB 2151, http://www.lorextechnology.com/IP-cameras-and-IP-surveillance-camera-solutions/IP-camera-for-NVR/prod360011.p got fried. It was under warranty, sent it back, got a new one. A couple of weeks after my one year warranty expired a second camera failed with the same symptoms. I figured I'd just put a new RJ45 jack on, waterproof it well, be good to go. So I called up Lorex asking for the pin diagram for the jack. They said no because if customers knew the pin diagram then they would play with the jack and void their warranty. Yeah, really! So I tried to wire it the same as a patch cable only to discover the cable is not four twisted pair (green/greenwhite, brown/brownwhite, etc) but individual colors, brown, purple, yellow, green white, blue, grey, and orange. I sure don't want to access any corporate secrets so i'll sign a non disclosure agreement and pledge my first born son as security. Does anyone know which wire goes to which pin number?