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  1. Some good advice, but I wouldn't go with anything too cheap as that stepped sine wave can cause issues of the life of the system. Our businesses come with APC BackUPS models that are sine-wave. They're not he cheapest, but there's got to be a reason why they chose them for $40k management systems.
  2. Samir

    Vsi pro with Gilbarco with edgeport

    That looks like a serial cable, so that should be right. Which dvr/nvr are you using?
  3. Typical camera blur during night/dark is due to the shutter speed slowing down to increase the amount of light going to the camera sensor. Sensors that have superior sensitivity will have superior night performance, but at a superior cost.
  4. Samir

    Confused Mama needs help!!

    Some great advice! I'd also add that if you're fearing your safety, you need to have a security system with door/windows/glass sensors installed with monitoring.
  5. I know this will be opposite of the consensus in this thread, but I have found that non-pc based systems, while they do have less security updates, have far better security because the underlying operating system isn't constantly under attack. YMMV, but we've replaced two PC based systems with non-pc at two different businesses.
  6. Samir

    bad neighbor privacy invasion

    Yes, no foil was needed.
  7. Using a service like canyouseeme.org or grc should be fine since those servers actually try to connect to the external ip from across the Internet just like a real remote viewer would.
  8. The same is true of this model. There is no native remote logon capability. Sounds like you don't have much of an option except to get that netgear again. At least you know it will work.
  9. Yeah, it's only those models of dlinks that are customized for ISPs which I've found strange. I actually worked with one that didn't have any type of remote management option at all.
  10. ugh. Any way to get another netgear like you had?
  11. Can you upgrade/downgrade the router firmware? It sounds like it could be a bug in the router firmware. Just for kicks, put the router in bridge mode and connect the dvr directly and see what happens.
  12. I've actually used a similar router, and it is a bit quirky. Here's what I'd do. First, setup a dhcp reservation for the dvr. Next, setup a dmz for that IP. Then try canyouseeme.org again or https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2.
  13. Very strange. Either you're not doing it right or the ISP is blocking any incoming traffic.
  14. Agreed. The OP doesn't have a usability issue with Milestone, but there is a reliability issue. The reliability issue may or may not be pc related, like you said, but eliminate the pc and it will more than likely be much more stable, albeit more limited in certain ways. However, I don't think it will be limited in the way the OP wants to use it with email alerts. All electronics fail--the only question is when and how. The right set up will work properly and reliably for years without any major issue, but it really depends on who is setting it up and how complicated the setup is. An nvr is generally geared towards ease of setup vs a pc-based system and is a bit on the 'k.i.s.s.' side of the spectrum in terms of what is available out there.
  15. Does Samsung not have an official app for windows?