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  1. Change your security camera and security camera DVR passwords! Or disconnect them from the internet. Or both! Story about how the latest internet attack (10/21/2016) was caused by people connecting security cameras and security camera DVR's to the internet and not changing the factory default password. Story here.. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/10/hacked-cameras-dvrs-powered-todays-massive-internet-outage/ List of devices... https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/10/who-makes-the-iot-things-under-attack/ Larger... https://krebsonsecurity.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/iotbadpass-pdf.png
  2. Billy_ICU

    Weird setup / idea for video recording to USB

    It takes FOREVER for me to download just 10 minutes of a surveillance video I need (due to a crime) onto a USB thumb drive! With that said, sounds like you will be spending a LOT of time copying these videos onto/off of thumb drives? Better would be to directly connect the camera to whatever the end use will be. Like to the PC (or whatever) you will be viewing these videos on. Note CCTV systems come with terabyte size disk drives. The recordings are VERY LARGE! The only time I would want to transfer a surveillance video to a thumb drive would be just for the pertinent section of a recording for the police. Like 5 or 10 minutes of one camera. Or 3 minutes each of several different cameras - for different views of a person. Also if the entire video (say 24 hours) is all on a video on a surveillance system DVR, then the software on that system can indicate where on that video motion occurred. You can skip large sections of the video where nothing was going on. I would hate to have to look through an entire 24 hour video for something to happen! (Imagine watching a 24 hour movie with the same scene showing and nothing going on!)
  3. Billy_ICU

    CCTV Viewing issue.

    Find out what brand of CCTV video recorder they are using, then go to THAT company's web site and download their viewer. And/or call that company for help. Your police department may have a person who is knowledgeable about viewing various formats. You can also post the file name of the video you are looking at here and ask which is the best viewer to watch it. For example a video file may be called... "104606-8.AVI" or "LHV1008A_ch11_main_20151219043800_20151219044059.dav" Sometimes a player is included with the video files. My be called "play.exe" or something similar. And note that there may be several files over a period of time. Like at midnight, the video recording may begin with a new file.
  4. Farmers use a white shirt on a T pole. The wind blows it and scares away birds. If you don't have wind, perhaps an electric fan aimed at the shirt, which turns on with motion, would do the trick?
  5. You can determine these things yourself by using a "voltage drop calculator". Search google.com for DC Voltage Drop Calculator
  6. Billy_ICU

    In need of suggestions for 16 IP camera system

    The BOTTOM LINE is not what wire or network the camera's use, rather being able to play back a video and recognize the face of a person - and being able to clearly "see" which items are being shipped and received... Perhaps someone in that department or someone in charge of "loss prevention/security" would want to be able to play back videos and zoom in on package labels? Maybe just an overall view of the area will be ok? Best to first search google for the following words... cctv facial recognition ...and you will see that a face (or shipping box) needs to take up a good part of the picture for facial recognition or to read labels on the box. May want special zoomed in or HD cameras for certain areas? Maybe not? Also search google.com for the following words... cctv choke point ...you may also want zoomed in / HD cameras in these locations as well. I would recommend FIRST consulting with the people at your company in charge of loss prevention/security and shipping/receiving. Ask what their requirements will be for what each camera can see - how large of image of people and boxes - camera placement. Then decide which cameras can do that - next which wiring and recording gizmos those cameras require. Another consideration is live viewing or a security guard. Will certain people want to view the cameras live? Need some sort of alarm if there is motion or activity (security guard) - audio? If someone wants to record audio, be sure to float the idea past the company lawyer.
  7. I saw a camera system WAY out in the middle of nowhere - at a forest service restroom/parking lot. No solar panels, or anything to power it. I asked at their office how they powered it and they said it was a hunter's game camera type system powered by batteries. And that the batteries could last 6 months or longer! Might check into those sorts of systems. They have many more systems that they have in retail stores - also a LOT more expensive - up into the thousands of U.S. dollars.
  8. Billy_ICU

    Help with some wiring.

    I would record CCTV 24/7 for the area. Then you are always covered with the cameras. Then get a regular security system with two PIR's. I'm sure newer systems would also be able to send an email notification upon an alarm situation. They can also call a cell phone and say which alarm is going off. The advantage of a regular security system is that it is designed to be turned on/off, connect to a siren, send the email, etc. And the advantage of NOT connecting it to the CCTV system is that some CCTV systems do not have any sort of alarm trigger or output connection. Note you can spend a bit more on the PIR's and get a "dual technology" PIR. They have two sensors - Microwave and Passive-infra-red. Both must trigger before an alarm is triggered - prevents false alarms.
  9. Actually the word for that is "standard". Or "specification(s)". Here is some info I found searching for RCA Video Jack Standard... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composite_video http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RCA_connector http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Component_video Searching for specifications... http://www.maximintegrated.com/en/app-notes/index.mvp/id/1184
  10. Billy_ICU

    books on criminology/not being targeted in 1st place?

    1. Turn off the TV. TV is fantasy and has NOTHING to do with reality. 2. It is all a numbers game. Things which are shown on TV news may just happen to one person in one city in 5 years in a country of 300 million people. (In other words, it is NOT even remotely possible it will ever happen to you - or in your state - or ever happen again anywhere - Turn off the TV!) 3. Reality is insurance companies and their claims for losses. Contact your insurance company and find out what they recommend for security in YOUR SPECIFIC AREA. 4. Also contact your local police department and ask for crime data for YOUR SPECIFIC AREA. Some areas have little or no violent crime - not to worry about being "attacked"! Look at the numbers - what the criminals are ACTUALLY doing in your area! Other than that, criminals in residential areas are quite stupid and lazy. They will bypass homes which are likely to get them caught, sound an alarm, have motion activated lights, record them on CCTV, etc. They do have enough sense to go next door where there is no security. So DO let the criminals know all about your alarm system and CCTV system with plenty of posted signs. Also let them know about that vicious dog in the back yard - they hate barking dogs because that also draws attention to them. And you may have $50,000.00 worth of "stuff" in your house - but they will typically ONLY take what they can quickly grab and sell at a pawn shop. Small things like small electronic devices, coins, jewelry, etc. Don't worry about them taking your couch or pictures off the wall [typically]. Back to insurance, a beer distribution warehouse will have VERY high security requirements imposed upon it by its insurance company. We're talking vicious dogs, 24 hour guards, and an ultra high security system which is much better than most banks have! Why? Because they get broken into more, few crooks attempt to break into bank vaults. All in the numbers! (Many banks did not even have a burglar alarm in their lobby area for many years - just on the vault. They do now that the cost has come down significantly for security systems. Anyway no one ever broke into a bank and stole their typewriters - no need to cover it for burglary [robbery of course...])
  11. It is that the picture has changed to something different than it was before - you now have a bright light when before there was no bright light! Your system probably has a way to block out certain areas of what the camera's motion detection is seeing. Just block out the light portion of the picture so the camera's motion detection can't "see" it. That will require reading the instruction manual several times probably. Also they don't include the full instructions with products these days, just short idiot versions. The FULL instructions might be on the manufacturer's web site. Also try reading the instructions for the manufacturer's other models - sometimes they word things differently in other manuals and it makes more sense. Also might want to post your DVR brand and model number along with your posts.
  12. I would ask the previous owner/real estate agent which company they had install it. Then call that company and ask them to come out and show you what is what. Ask for instruction manuals or where you can get them. If that is not possible, call any CCTV security company and ask that they send a technician out. They will charge you by the hour, but the technician can hunt down what is what and give you an idea of what you have. Let you know where to get instruction manuals, etc. You may be able to hire an off duty CCTV technician to give you lessons on how to operate the system for a more reasonable rate than the company charges.
  13. Billy_ICU

    Neighbor ripped the cord from my Lorex camera.

    I don't think you are going to find any replacement cord for that. You could contact Lorex and maybe they could sell you one? What I would do is just solder the yellow to the center of the coax cable, one black to the coax shield, the other black to power negative, and the two reds to power positive. Then I would stick all my cameras up high on poles or whatever so the jerk can't reach them. And get a lawyer to sue them and also pay for my legal expenses (rack up the lawyer charges). Garnish their wages. These people need to learn there are consequences for their actions - I wouldn't care how much it cost me (if they had no money to pay the lawyer and I had to.)
  14. How REFRESHING to see good old fashioned customer service - where a company works on resolving a customer's problem and fixes it! This is the way all companies used to be. Tell them I will remember their company name (Speco) and do business with them in the future if possible.
  15. Billy_ICU

    Neighbor ripped the cord from my Lorex camera.

    I would call the police on the neighbor and make them pay for a replacement! PERIOD! Also put up no trespassing signs, have police issue order they are specifically not to trespass on your property - then charge them with trespassing if they do. The purpose of a CCTV system is to catch and prosecute these jerks. You caught one, LET 'EM HAVE IT!