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  1. MPD2011

    Dahua firmware

    Hi Has any one tried the firmware files General_NVR4xxx_Eng_P_V3.200.0000.6.R.20141127 and General_NVR4xxx_Eng_P_V3.200.0000.3.R.20140711 from the below site: ftp://ftp.wintel.fi/drivers/dahua/NVR-sw/NVR4XXX/ when i flash firmware General_NVR4xxx_Eng_P_V3.200.0000.3.R.20140711 everything is ok. but when i flash the lastest General_NVR4xxx_Eng_P_V3.200.0000.6.R.20141127 firmware the output to the monitor has a pink tint to it. but ok via web login. is other people having any problems with it. downgrading fixes the problem.
  2. thanks for the information and will it be straight forward to set up the cameras and nvr with setting and IP address. recorder many be about 50miles away from each location and that's why there is internet connection at each location to connect everything together. I forgot al about the upload speed and I was only think about the download speed. thanks MindTwist and will need to find out.
  3. Hi I am new to the world of IP cameras and I was wondering is the setup as seen in the attached picture possible. 5 locations each with there own internet and one camera and 1 main location with recording and computer for viewing. hardware as below and let me know if it needs any changing. 1x Dahua NVR NVR4208 5X Dahua IPC-HDW4300C or IPC-HFW4300S IP Camera Would like to record at 1080p.
  4. MPD2011

    Dahua firmware

    It was a seller on toaboa and in the end I cancelled the order before they got a chance to dispatch it. many be they did not want to send it to me as they emailed to say it comes with Chinese firmware and you cant update it or change it. that it will not work in the UK as it does not support PAL format. I am new to the IP world and on there explanation cancelled the order.
  5. MPD2011

    Dahua firmware

    cant seem to find the answer and I was wondering does any one have English firmware for the HDW4300C. the seller did not tell me before purchase it has Chinese firmware. also they don't do English firmware.
  6. Hi I wanted some options on the below setup 4x IPC-HDW4300C 3Megapixel Full HD Network IR Mini Dome Camera 1x Synology DS713+ DiskStation 2 Bay Desktop NAS Let me know what you thick and also were is the best place to get the IPC-HDW4300C other then aliexpress or dhgate Thanks