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  1. I put the wrong firmware on my Dahua NVR 2108P and now it doesn't display anything or even get an IP address. There's not serial connection on it so I can't console RS232 in. Anyone know if I can solder in the TX RX and ground so I can get to the uboot and have it go to a TFTP? I was able to solder on my Dahua 4300 camera and get console but no luck on the NVR. Thanks!
  2. anthonys650

    Dahua firmware

    anyone resolve the time issue on 2.420.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-19?
  3. anthonys650

    Dahua firmware

    here's a site to look at http://www.dh-vision.com/index.php/firmware
  4. anthonys650

    Super Mini NVR Recording.

    I have one and it took me forever to figure it out. So go to playback and select the camera. I was only able to view one cam at a time. If you want to see another camera you need to stop then deselect the current one then select the next one.
  5. anthonys650

    Dahua firmware

    I have Dahua IPC-HDB3200C and NVR2108 where can I get the latest NTSC firmware? I email Dahua support twice and no reply. I can't even find anything on their website for firmware. Interesting thing is I see other companies with exactly the same product re-brand. http://www.securitycameraking.com/4ch-tiny-network-video-recorder-59591-prd1.html I found this ftp ftp://ftp.wintel.fi/drivers/dahua/ but and I installed the latest and it turns out to be PAL but the camera and nvr still works.