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  1. Ok guys, apologies if this has been asked before and/or in wrong section. I am not an experienced installer im just trying to get a system sorted for my parents who have recently had a break in. I am going to have the DVR in the loft. DVR is not WiFi. I have a 'Wireless - N Mini Router' set in WISP mode and my aim was to hard wire the DVR into this to allow it to connect to the main home wireless network and therefore be accessible remotely. I have tried all sorts of settings, made sure the DVR has the correct IP/Sub Net etc but im getting no-where. Is what i am attempting possible and if so, does anyone have any experience to give me a touch with it? Any help or comments appreciated. Cheers J
  2. Hi All, Im using a COP XT series - probably around the 2007 year of model. All hooked upto network, own IP address etc. When i enter the IP into IE or Chrome, it says DVR CMS Software as the tab heading but the main screen is just grey with a little X towards the left hand side. Is this something basic, or just a case that the software on the DVR is too old for IE or Chrome? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi There, Does anyone know how to factory reset the above 16 channel unit - i cant remember my password which i set up about 2 years ago and so cant access any of the menu functions any more? Any help appreciated