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  1. I just got a reply from HikVision Europe: "As many people probably know Apple has released a new version of operating system for their mobile devices (iOS8) and of cause many customers will update to this version soon. Before updating they should check if all applications they rely on are iOS 8 complaint. Our current iVMS4500 is not compliant with iOS8 and R&D expects to release an update at the end of September." Cheers, -Ton.
  2. Hi, Since I updated my iPad to IOS v8 (this morning) the app iVMS-4500 HD does not work anymore. When clicked it begins starting up and then vanishes into thin air. The non-HD equivalent iVMS-4500 is still working, as is the special version iHIK HD. Do others have the same experience? I sent a message to HikVision Europe, but didn't receive an answer yet. Cheers, -Ton.
  3. xavier4or, I'm afraid I didn't express myself clearly enough. I'm using iVMS-4200 PCNVR v1.3 on a Windows server and I have iVMS-4500 on iPads and iPhones to access the PCNVR. What I wanted to ask is whether it is possible to connect iVMS-4500 to iVMS-4200 v2 as well.
  4. Interesting! Can I ask you whether you also connect to it from a smart phone with iVMS-4500? Or in other words: does iVMS-4200 v2 offer access to iVMS-4500? I have iVMS 4200 v3 working. I set it up about 2 months ago and I may not remember everything. But my setup is as follows: I use 2 computers, one for recording and one for viewing. This is not necessary - I only do that because the recording pc is located remotely and the viewing pc is connected via wireless. On the recording PC I installed the storage server software of the iVMS 4200. On the viewing pc I installed the client software of the iVMS-4200. For configuration, on the client PC, I added the cameras, added the remote storage server, and setup a recoding schedule. On the recording PC the storage application (NvrStorageServer) is run (it does not have any user interface - it is controlled via the client). On the viewing pc, the iVMS-4200 client is run - and used to set up everything and view live cameras as well as playback video. I like the software very much. I followed an instruction I found on the web - but I can't remember where I found it. Note: all of the software was located within the iVMS-4200 v2.