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  1. Hi All Please see images below, camera is pretty much at default settings but it appears that the camera will not switch to night mode (set to auto) I can see with other cameras that the IR appears to be on !! I have tried smart IR on /off etc. Any ideas ?
  2. Hi All I'm looking for an integrated intruder / cctv app. Anyone know of anything suitable ? I know that Texecom do one but it only takes 4 cameras. Any help appreciated C
  3. colm101

    Alarms over IP

    Thanks Guys, I will check them out
  4. Hi all First time post so go easy on me !! I'm looking to transmit alarms over network, e.g. external motion detectors. Ideally a device that I can hard wire the detectors to an input and get an output at another point of the lan. Any one any products they can recommend. Cheers C