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  1. cctv/ac-rep

    Too distance camera.

    Thank you for your interest. I can not use cable, there are too many houses in the way. The purpose of this camera is for car plate recognition, the signal has to be send by air.
  2. cctv/ac-rep

    Too distance camera.

    Hi. I need some light. This is a close living area with 6 analoge cameras. I need to add one more analoge camera, located at 1100 feet away from the analoge dvr. One option is to use a videocomm trans/receiver, very good but too expensive. Another option is to use an ip camera, and two wifi antenas and change this ip signal back to analoge al the dvr. I am looking not to spend to much in one item. Another option is a hikvision tvi dvr but ip cameras need to be only hikvision. This dvr accept two ip cameras. Please give me your opinion.
  3. cctv/ac-rep

    Confusing terms

    I am still a littler confused. Let me explain, some manufactures say they have a camera with effio on it, another camera model say effio and 960H, another say effio 1200tvl. Can a camera have a dsp Effio a not be 960H? How can that camera be a 960H (960h,480v) and 1200 tvl?
  4. cctv/ac-rep

    Twon way audio

    The Hikvision DS-7208hwi-sh has two way audio, does it means audio at the camera location and at the viewer?