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    Internet upload speed requirement IP CCTV

    The 1mbps upload speed, is that on a DSL line, cable? t1? What was the fps and bit rate set at? Was this from exp since you are an installer? Thanks for the advice!
  2. I just want to thank everyone at cctv forums. I've been actively reading and was able to setup a 48 camera IP CCTV system at my company's factory. Now, I've run into alittle problem for the remote viewing. All cameras record at 720p locally and substream CIF@15fps, bit rate best(I'm not sure if I'm using correct settings for live streaming). We currently have ATT U-Verse and trying to watch even 1 camera is jittery and not smooth. I understand that trying to watch all 48 cameras at once would need a serious upload speed. So, we agreed that 16 cameras MAX for the live viewing. We can even go down to 8 if necessary but we need to watch minimum 8 at once. What would you recommend for an upload speed? I was thinking that a 2-5 mbps upload speed would suffice? Any and all suggestions are welcome! Normally, the cameras will only be watched after work hours and weekends. Thank you everyone.
  3. I just ran into the same problem as you guys, but this thread seems alittle old. However, I may have found the solution. Inside the IP cameras advanced configuration-->Events - If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see Linkage Method. In order for it to record continuously or as I have it set, motion detection, you will need to check the trigger channel for it to record. See below picture for reference. Hope this helped as it did for me. I've only tested the software that comes with the cameras. (iVMS-4200)
  4. Thanks guys for confirming this. I actually went ahead and ordered 50 of these suckers for 20 bucks including shipping.
  5. Hello all, Question for you. I was thinking of ways to save cost for this build out. At the location, there is already a wired 12VDC, red and white wires. When searching, I found a website that sells a DC Power Male Jack to 2 conductor screw down connector. But the website mentions " FOR LED LIGHT CONTROLLER" In your opinion, do you think this would work? If not, can someone link me to the right one http://www.meritline.com/dc-power-male-jack-to-2-conductor-screw-down-connector---p-82513.aspx Thanks for your help!
  6. I just did a search on google and some other people who were building out a MP system mentioned that their storage is in RAID configuration. Is this something that I should consider? Is it a necessity or will JOB be good enough for this project? If it is, I'd buy the RAID card and setup RAID 5. Or is a different RAID config preferred? Normally, we'd always purchase the black series based on past experiences. I saw that WD has a purple AV surveillance drive. Should I consider switching models from black to purple? How does the WD Red perform for CCTV? Thanks guys
  7. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. I'm going down Friday or Saturday to complete a site survey and to nail down the specific lengths and requirements for each area. Until then, it's just researching cameras. Thanks again for your help. Love this forum!
  8. Fixed lenses should be okay. We have a hallway that extends 250 ft that we'd like to watch. I thought the vari lens would be better for this? I'm not sure. Thanks. Andrew
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses. In regards for cameras since this is the starting point, we want to install MP cameras and each camera is around 200. I looked into Hikvision and Dahua as you said many use these cameras here. What's the best bang for the buck for a MP camera that's around 200.
  10. Hello, I've been reading on this forum for a few weeks. I am planning a new IP Camera CCTV system for my company. As the information I was looking for was rather difficult to locate, I'd thought I would make a post to get some feedback. I will be installing 32 IP Cameras with a max of 2MP/camera(64MP system). We want to record only motion at 720p @ 10-15fps. But also see Real Time. I was looking at Samsung SND-5061. If you can recommend a better camera, it would help! My build will consist of the following. I just want to know if this system is sufficient or what parts do I need to upgrade? Intel Core I7-4770 Asus H87M-E motherboard 8gb Corsair (2x4GB) 1333 mhz DDR3 650W Corsair PSU 80 plus gold 4*2TB WD HDD (Data) 64 GB Sandisk SSD(OS) Thanks for your help.