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    wireless camrea issues

    Try to adjust both the brightness and contrast settings on the device and move your camera to a different location. Location is also one the many factors the image is constantly flickering & dropping signal.
  2. MichaelDelarosa

    PTZ make and model?

    It's not possible! PTZ camera will only work and control with a new DVR using joys stick control panel. You can actually use PTZ controller as it works like PTZ keyboard or PTZ joystick.
  3. MichaelDelarosa

    IP Cameras

    It is best to contact a technician to get it working.
  4. MichaelDelarosa

    How to decide which camera style you need?

    It depends on the distance that you want view and the height or width that you need to capture in the image at the given distance.
  5. MichaelDelarosa

    license required to install cameras?

    I guess, most state require a license to install cameras especially in other people's home or businesses.
  6. MichaelDelarosa

    need a little help with selecting a system for my house

    If you want to hang it down on the ceiling, it is best to use dome camera. It is also better for INDOOR applications. However, if you're planning to hang it on the wall, use bullet camera. These type of cameras bullet are better for OUTDOOR applications.
  7. MichaelDelarosa

    Cameras Out In Parking Lot

    Why not consider bullet security cameras. These types of cameras are usually used for outdoor monitoring and surveillance such as parking areas. As they have a wide viewing angle, they can capture the best footage possible.
  8. We're planning to purchase security cameras for our home next month and I'd like to ask few questions. 1. What is the best type of security camera? ( wired, wireless or network cameras) 2. What are the things that I need to consider before purchasing one for our home?
  9. MichaelDelarosa

    Need Help pls.

    There are loads of video from YouTube depending to what you really want to know. PDF guides are useful too.
  10. MichaelDelarosa

    Wired the camera to mains

    This seems to be a trouble. CCTV must not be directly plugged to the main lines they can have will always explode if it exceeds to the limits since they are not fit to the load requirements. I did not know much about CCTV but I've seen some set up diagrams. Good thing you are safe and don't burn down the place due to that explosion.
  11. MichaelDelarosa

    Hello, Good Day

    Good Day Everyone, I am glad to be part of the community. I am certain that I can learn several things with regards to CCTVs. : wink: I want to learn more and I am sure I can find great responses here. Thanks and Good Day.