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  1. Commtech

    Help with Axis 241S

    Could the older and the newer cameras be different video formats (PAL vs. NTSC)? Perhaps the Axis doesn't recognize the Newer HD camera video format?
  2. Commtech

    Question about Samsung SCC-931T

    Hi scorpion, I realize this is an old post, but I have the same question ... Did you ever find a source for the RS 485 pigtail? How about the dome? I just acquired a half dozen of these cameras and I would love be able to interface the RS485 cable before I install these. Thanks! Joe
  3. Commtech

    Hi Everyone!

    Greetings! I have been a radio service tech for more than 25 years and I LOVE my job! I am also a home slot machine enthusiast and an active member at NLG (newlifegames.com) forum. I have many inexpensive CMOS type cameras installed around my home and I am now ready to upgrade to more higher end commercial CCTV cameras. Looking forward to learning more about the world of CCTV and hoping to contribute were I can. Joe