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    Mini nvr questions

    In fact I have 5 cameras, 2 I8 are ok everything works and 3 others onvif protocol (they do not work with Motion Detection) and if I change up the cameras. eg Cam1 I8 in Cam5 then the detection of Cam5 starts to work. I ordered two camera with 2.0 onvif protocol to test
  2. xtz

    Mini nvr questions

    i use onvif manager , and all cam with i9 using 2.0 onvif protocol (detection mouvement = ok) with onvif 2.1 nothing works...
  3. xtz

    Mini nvr questions

    Hi all .. i m new here i just brick one of my mini nvr " title="Applause" /> with my second one i have 5 cams on , 3 under onvif protocol, the rest under I9 protocol.. The I9 work like a charm, detection ok , sensibility ok.. but not with the onvif protocol. What the difference with I9 and onvif? thx a lot ps: soz for my english