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  1. davidafi

    Mini nvr questions

    I had the same problem. Eventually after much fiddling I got a firmware update for the NVR and problem solved. It is now running V4.0[20140416]. The cameras are now using I16 protocol. (Whatever that is??) From what I can understand, a lot of the config options are stored in the cameras not the NVR. If the protocol is not working properly this information doesn't get sent to the camera when you hit Save. I also eventually realised that the manual (even though it is not specifically for the Super Mini NVR) actually states that Motion Detection and various other functions are not supported by Onvif protocol. RTFM!
  2. davidafi

    Mini nvr questions

    I am trying to untangle this little mess as well. I can't find anything anywhere that explains what I8 or I9 is all about, and I have just discovered I16 as well. Whose protocols are these and where can you get any info about them?
  3. davidafi

    Mini nvr questions

    Are you powering the drive externally? ie using a USB hub? Seems off the point, but what protocol are you using from the cameras?
  4. Hi, I am quite familiar with analogue CCTV and networking etc but I am new to IP Cameras. I have bought a few cameras and a Super Mini NVR. The brand is not one of the commonly mentioned ones, but probably rebranded. Unfortunately the doco leaves a lot to be desired, so there is a lot of steep learning curve going on. One camera is 1MP/720P and runs I9 protocol. It is working OK. Another camera is 2MP/1080P and I can display it OK but cannot get Motion Detection recording to work. It is running ONVIF protocol. First question, what is I9 protocol (or I8)? Can one normally change a camera's protocol from ONVIF to I9? (I can't see anywhere to do that) Both the camera and the NVR have options to set Motion Detection (MD) areas. I am thinking the MD Area on the camera is only relevant if the camera has its own storage (SD card), which it doesn't. Is that correct? Or does the NVR setting get sent to the camera and update/override what is set in the camera? [edit - it seems the latter is true] I have noticed an Occlusion Detect setting on the camera. What is that? TIA, David