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  1. cctvman44

    Help ptz camera

    Hmm thanks for that 👍
  2. Hi can anybody tell me what this wire is that’s coming out of the camera and what do I do with it anyone help please see pic below
  3. Hi all I’ve a Floureon h2.64 dvr had no problems until recently can’t get my camera access back on my phone no internet connection but tells me using command prompt that they are working tried everything I can think of but can’t get em up over the internet and I can’t even view them on LAN can anybody solve this problem please
  4. hi all ive got a swann dvr d1 1500 that i need to configure so i can view from my iphone i dont know how to do it, i would appreciate a bit of help from anyone on here. my ports are open because i already have a cctv with remote access in operation,