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  1. I recently bought an analog system (after first installing a fairly expensive burglar alarm system) in order to video tape a group of neighborhood thugs who decided that they didn't like me living on their turf. The problem is that the cams I have now are easily spotted in the locations I chose. Also, I'm not able to turn off the IR lights on the cams in this system. That means that I can't use them to view through windows at night because the IR lights reflect back off the glass. I've got a couple of GoPro cams right now but don't think they'll suit my particular purpose all that well. (Am I right there?) Anyway, I'd like to get one or two fairly reliable cams (box cams or bullet cams) that I can add onto my system ( a Q-see analog system) that can be used in low or medium light situations for $100 or each or less. Really grateful for any help you can provide.