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  1. Please suggest which switch have to be used for connecting 16 IP cameras of 2MP -hd . Can i go for with normal FE switches or i have to select Gigabytes poe switch. these cameras will be connected directly to a server through a recording software.
  2. jibin

    installation without NVR

    what is the name of this software provided by Samsung? is this a paid software? what will be its approximate cost?
  3. Somebody please suggest a PoE switch for connecting 16 nos of 2 MP HD cameras. also Poe for 8 nos of same cameras. Brands like CISCO or HP is more preferable.
  4. Can an IP camera can be installed without NVR. We have a server available here. How can we integrate same?, ie do any software has any role? is it possible if there is 16 Cameras?
  5. jibin

    Box camera acessories

    i want to install a box camera in a large hall. and i'm looking for IP box camera. Power supplies? is it an additional accessory on comparing with other cam? If i go on with POE, i hope no more power might be required.
  6. jibin

    Box camera acessories

    What are the accessories required for a box camera ?
  7. please suggest a good IP bullet camera of Samsung Make? Situation is to monitor the place where our personal belonging are kept, which is an open shelf. camera can be fixed at height of 4 Meter in the wall. can we prefer box camera? what are the accessories required while choosing a box camera?
  8. is there any difference between NVR and a ecoder/decoder in Network CCTV system?
  9. How can we set up a WiFI cctv system? What are its requirements ? Is it possible to setup inside a Home ? Is it possible to integrate with existing wifi modem? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  10. jibin

    bnc spliter with HDCVI

    Can i use BNC spliter for HDCVI? and How can I connetct this both this splited output? do there will be any clarity problems?
  11. Do normal switcher works with HDCVI? what is the difference between normal switcher , Matrix Switcher and a Mux?
  12. Hi, I have a situation, with 16 nos of camera and one 16 ch DVR. the premise is a small commercial complex. with hotel and two office. there is 8 Camera in hotel and 4 each at two offices. All these 16 have to come in the main office. at the same time 7 of 8 cameras in hotel have to be displayed there itself. and these all have to be displayed at the main office at the same time. No any computer can be used due to the procedure of switching off and on with it. and IP cameras are also not preferred here. do some one give a solution. can we find a solution with the help matrix switch?