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  1. That is a video of what I saw on Youtube and expected the Camera Quality to look like. On the link below you can see screenshots from the different Devices (PC, Tablet, Phone) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7qWDbfNUdRNOURuWEtvUU1mUkE&usp=sharing and No I cannot even make out my License Plate from my Car in the pictures I provided even during actual video playback.
  2. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7qWDbfNUdRNOURuWEtvUU1mUkE&usp=sharing Here is a Folder with Screenshots from my PC, phone and Tablet. Again, is there any way I could somehow add a lens to a camera to focus more on one point in order to pick up license Plates?
  3. Ok will do that later, it's 2:30AM where I live. I'll post a picture of the full screenshot of a PC Program with 4 cameras. A picture with my camera trying to get the same POV. I'll take a screen shot with my tablet using there App. But I'm just letting you know I connected the DVR directly to a monitor with HDMI, and the quality was still kinda bad. I kept trying to adjust the video quality, changing the resolution 720P-1080P, changing the Quality from Low-Med-High (1Mb to 8Mb? I need to double check that.) but still it kept looking bad. I called a Swann Support Rep and they told me "We're sorry the quality of our product didn't meet your expectations."
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Im not sure if you noticed both pictures I posted on the same link. But the Top photo was taken from my camera and the bottom one was from the Swann Camera. The driveway I have is really wide so I need to make sure I can catch anyone who can possibly come onto my property. Could you recommend another camera that would work with my Swann System? The cameras connect with a Ethernet Cable (CAT5E) Camera Specs: Image Sensor 1/3" CMOS Video Quality 1920 x 1080 (2.1 Megapixels)) Minimum Illumination 1lux@F1.2, 0 lux with IR Gain Control Yes Backlight Compensation Yes Lens 3.6mm Viewing Angle 77 degrees Last time this process server showed up she illegally walked up to my gate and opened it to get my attention.
  5. So I have been debating on purchasing a security system and was looking around for one, I eventually found this video on Youtube which shows what I thought the quality would look like. I need a camera to catch peoples license plates who come up my driveway. Recently someone has been trying to serve me with Subpoena documents, and I'm trying to avoid them for another 2 weeks. Pros: -Easy to Install and setup on PC/Phone/Tablet Cons: -Quality of Video -Program for PC has choppy video. -Price $1,400 I've provided a screenshot from the swann camera and a picture I took from my Smartphone.(Galaxy Note 2) Needless to say but I've blurred out part of my license plate for security purposes. https://unsee.cc/nuribedo/ Anyways, I want to swap this camera out for a better one, if there is a better one. Can you guys help me out?
  6. sssjdanny

    Hello from the Bay Area

    Hello my name is Daniel, and I recently bought purchased a Security Camera Kit, but was a bit disappointed. Hoping you guys have the knowledge to help me choose a very good one.