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  1. Hello, I have recently been given a hand full of CCTV installation projects and I have never done one before. My first project is going to be a church/daycare facility and they currently have the following Front Door- one Camera Lobby- One Camera Admin office- two cameras Classroom 1- one camera They are running zmoda with POE at the moment and they are looking to expand out to about 9 cameras total. The existing wiring is CAT 6 and is fine upon inspection. I am potentially looking at 4 new installs/cabling and potentially one wireless camera due to it's location on a brick wall. I wanted to know what a typical hourly rate would be for someone who knew was experienced but competitive. Also, are these project typically billed by the hour or are they a fixed cost labor+materials? -what is a rough estimate of labor cost per camera? I know it varies but I wanted to know roughly what it would be in a major US city. I was thinking 75-95/hr? - I know they are noob questions, thank you so much.