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  1. This is embarrassing, and I apologize for posting. I had thought that the cameras default password was admin and that why it couldn't add to the software. All is good now.
  2. Does anyone has the IVMS 4200 for Mac without the region block? I have three Chinese Hikvision IP cameras and recently lost the IVMS 4200 v1.02.05.02 I has on the computer; however, when I downloaded is again, it had the region block so one cannot activate the software and the camera...one can see the camera on the network but no activation. Or, would it be better to go with an open source VM software such a iSpy and Rasberry PI 3 with CentOS?
  3. Okay...I formatted the hard drive NTFS, then with the IP address and file path /dev/sda2...still get: Camera3 Starting recording failed! Error code 4294967282.Record file operation error. How or what software to format the hard drive NFS on Mac? I have Ubuntu or Fedora on Parallel.
  4. Okay, I am learning and my question is would formatting as NTFS work?
  5. I should have stated that the hard drive information obtained while the hard drive had been taken out of the NAS and newly reformatted in a USB enclosure. My next step is to used IVMS 4200 to reformat the hard drive when its in the NAS and see what happens.
  6. Here's a screen shot of the hard drive info.
  7. Thank you for responding. Well, I actually was just recording one camera to the NAS see whether things work. The NAS just has two partitions although I had just formatted the drive and didn't specify partition and expected one. However, after mounting the NAS, I noticed it had two partitions. I wondered whether the NAS automatically created the partitions.
  8. I have a couple Hikvision cameras (DS-2CD853F-E) and I am trying to record onto a NAS (Kimax Model: BS-U35WF with Seagate Barracuda 2TB hard drive); however, I get this: Camera3 Starting recording failed! Error code 4294967282.Record file operation error. I am using IVMS 4200 V1.02.01.03 for Mac...what the above means and how to resolve? I have added the NAS to the storage device and have given the camera the file path.
  9. Thanks for sharing...so, what makes a camera "Raptor"...please, do you know...curious to find an answer. Also, I do see others call their camera Raptor as well...no Hik alone.
  10. Well, I found the possible meaning of "RAPTOR" in the Raptor firmware - Regional Analysis of Police Technology, Operations and Reporting. If that's the case I don't understand why Wrightwood would placed such firmware available to the general public. I'll try to contact them.
  11. Embrace the Mac platform equally with Windows and drop this regional crap.
  12. I wondered what is this "Raptor firmware." Wrightwood should provide greater transparency about what they post on their site so as to not mislead anyone. I had saw at another site. They should have a BIG WARNING. [MOD: edited to remove link]
  13. Well, I contacted Hikvision support in China and asked for the original firmware that was last on the camera (firmware 3.0). They replied and provided the firmware...of course; my camera is back online. So, I dropped Hikvision a note to let them know that all is good as well as suggested that if they have a later firmware that offers improvement to not hesitate to share. I am not sure what kind of "Chinese 5.1 firmware" Wrightwood has...I do know it's not compatible with my camera (DS-2CD853F-E) which, according to 5.1 release note includes my camera.
  14. I agree with Boogieman. You might think that a PTZ camera would be an overkill; however, once you set up one you'll come to realize it suits your purpose very well. Use the wireless for the router to the tablet...not the camera.
  15. It just seems that chasing IP address scanner isn't the solution! The camera should automatically reboot after the upgrade...correct?