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  1. Bought a Lorex LNR-6108-N NVR. I’m wanting to use my Hikvision IP cameras but they’re not showing up on the device list and even after manually adding them. Is there a certain firmware I should be running on the cameras and/or NVR to be successful? I like my Hikvision Dome cameras as they’ve held up great in the elements so I really don’t want to buy additional bullet Lorex cameras to get this to work.
  2. I just got the same camera and was having the same issues. Trying to log on via website only given me an Chinese language and IVMS 4200 won't add the camera and get the mismatch version error or another error. I also can't access the camera via the web IVMS. I can log on directly to the camera in Chinese language and works fine, just can't read anything lol.