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  1. VidER

    USB Backup error

    Tomcctv is correct. Some of the older / cheaper DVRs are very selective about what USB pen drive chipsets they accept. Some of the older ones with ancient firmware will not handle much up to, or over 1gb. It may also be the amount of data you are trying to export, if it is a long time period, try breaking it down in to smaller ones. My suggestion would be to dig out the oldest, smallest capacity drive you can find and try to export to that. Also, ensure you restart the DVR between each attempt with a different drive, as an un-supported USB drive can cause the port to freeze making any subsequent attempts with different drives useless. Good Luck!
  2. Are the 2 cameras in question further away than the others? i.e Do they have a longer cable run?
  3. VidER

    Need help with DVR emailing

    can you forward me one of the emails? I'd like to check the code in the email.
  4. Are the 2 cameras affected both fed of the same power supply?
  5. Are you sure it is an "H" and not an "M"? It could be set to record on motion detect rather than schedule.
  6. VidER

    Need help opening a .nvf file

    Hi, Did you get this playing? If not, I think I have the software you need Regards, Calum.
  7. VidER

    Have YOU Seen this DVR?

    Hi, The front end Looks the same as a COP Security ZT Series RT DVR http://www.cop-eu.com/sections/downloads/files/Operators%20Guide.pdf