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  1. empak

    Broadcasting HDMI from NVR to Five TV's?

    first off I have installed many HDMI extenders over cat5e, some work very well. But if you want to really impress your client. Use this device for sending to multiple HDMI monitors This unit works by sending the signal down your gigabit network. take a look at this.... you will like it http://www.ebay.ca/itm/351548050673?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=620579601749&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Stop that.... your going to make me broke trying to keep up.... so many nice toys ..er tools and so little time.... what to get next.? empak
  3. Thanks jjp2014, I think I just found the next must add installation tool to go with my Magnespot XR1000 Extended Range Reference Point Locator will make a great pair. empak
  4. Looking at the limit of the long run, I once did the outside of a Mall that had a camera run of about 395'. I ran the conduit and placed sealed box at about 125' pulled 23awg copper cat6 for the entire length of the run, left a 4' loop of the cat6 in the box and ran a 16 awg LTV to the box at 125' to run a repeater or small PoE switch if I had problems, first try I connected the PoE camera and it worked with no problems on the 400' run. The repeater was never used. I checked back a few times, never had a problem with the camera it worked just as good as the other camera connected to the system. The camera that was installed on this run was a Vivotech IP7361 with IR, works fine down to -50c so far, the camera never has needed a reboot in three years. I would think that running the 23awg cat6 gave the advantage over the network length limit of 328 ft empak
  5. empak

    Analogue to IP

    Is there any picture or just horizontal junk? I would try actually flipping the phase with a made up cable of some type. If that is not successful try a BNC ground loop isolator. Could it be a NTSC/PAL problem? empak
  6. empak

    Bomb blast @ my home

    Looks like you have someone that does not like you very much....... Your are not going to get anything better from that camera clip. you cant even tell who was walking by on the side. I would suggest reading in the forums and working on your system. its apparent that no night testing was done on your system, when you buy a camera from someone, test it to see if it meets your needs. If you find the camera not picking up the detail needed bring it back to the person that sold it to you and ask for something better, but explain why your bringing it back. maybe they can help you find a better one. to me it looks like That camera would have only worked better at ground level close up for that night shot. empak
  7. empak

    DVR reps have access to DVR

    I have regained control of DVRs with a unknown manufacturer password before, the master password was not on the list and could not be erased. I often wonder about the ability of the manufacturer to spy on us with dvrs. I know that we do give the dvr a few open ports to play with on most networks. a perfect spy tool, they are everywhere! ever wonder why those dvrs and cards are so cheap..... lol empak
  8. empak

    Voltage Drop on Cat 5 cable

    If you are using an eight channel 12 volt power supply, you can adjust the output voltage on the fuse board, If I am using 12 volt and running power on the same cat5 cable you can adjust the output power a bit higher than 13 volts, check voltage at camera side and adjust accordingly, you can also use all four pairs : ie blue/blue white : video, brown orange green for 12volt + and brown white, orange white, green white for 12 volt -, you can also use cat6e 23 awg wire if you are worried about too much voltage drop.
  9. The best upload speed I get in Northern Canada is 450kbs on DSL, I have seen that my friends with cable get higher upload speeds 850 kbs+. When im installing customers DVR, I suggest to them to get the cable for the dvrs internet connection for a better remote view of the dvr.
  10. Would a power line network adapter work in that hotel, could be an option over wireless.....
  11. empak

    RG6 Siamese

    I really like words "Everyone seems to cut the foil off" But ? still the same what is the reason "Everyone" removing foil cctv wire has no foil, sat/catv has foil. I just leave it on
  12. empak

    Catching Mail Thieves

    Build a birdhouse, paint it up real nice and put a cam in it........ works very well, the bigger the birdhouse..... the more cameras you can fit. i have built one with windows (very light welding filter lens)
  13. empak

    Wireless security systems

    I would go for a DSC power 1864 system, I have installed many, it is one of the best systems out there. The systems with the added wireless work well and I have had the batteries last for many years for all alarm units......stay away from the all in one units they offer very limmited security, if you use monitoring {a hammer shuts them down fast}
  14. empak

    video rolls over cat5

    Try using an active recever, I did a machine shop last year and it had mad power problems. The video cut in/out, rolled and there were humbars. I do admit that I put UTP to the test in there..... lots of splicing and long runs with the cat5e strapped to high voltage conduit and run in cable trays with lots shielded 220v AC . even long runs of 24v AC down the cat5e. the end result was a mess of very bad video. my first thought was to go to an active UTP setup. The ones I have are 12v DC, the thought of running power for each one was not making me happy. I placed the active receivers in first...... and stared in amazement ........ nice clean sharp pictures, with very little interference from the shops electrical wiring, the only thing that made some cameras video twitch was one of the big tig welders, and the shop owner had no problem with that. as the lights dimmed and the radio went blank when it was in use. I would recomend to go acitive, just try the reciever first and then try the transmiter if you need it. empak
  15. empak

    Camera Focus Software

    I want one too, Ive had many dreams about an app like that empak