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  1. i heard that i can use pc power supply for cctv.But i dont know how to connect.i think it will be very usefull cos it has fan. Which cables will i connect to cameras.Only black and red ones. Must i connect each of them to another power cable or all of them to one power cable? Sorry for my english.
  2. paratonerali

    Mixing Image

    in my power supply there is a twisting switch writes fuse and cursor left-right i dont know what is it for. i usually see mixing video when power supply is very hot. must i turn it right ot left.
  3. paratonerali

    Mixing Image

    Sorry for my English.You can see cameras details here.http://www.etiketiz.com/pinfo.asp?pid=26239 When first i setup the cameras they were all good.They are all working now but sth is passing continusly.Two cameras are mixing.
  4. paratonerali

    Mixing Image

    i m using 4 x DC 12V 250mA cameras and my power supply is 70w5amp. i read sth in this forum and cant find it now. my problem is mixing video.2 cameras are ok but other 2 mixing. its scanning all the time.
  5. paratonerali

    constant ip(static) webview

    im trying to view my cams on web.i have a static ip.but when i type my ip to explorer first a pass and user field comes and then modems setup comes to screen.i cant configure my ip with tcp-ip. modem is aztech DSL305EU dvr is 9808
  6. paratonerali

    Xp home and Dvr card software

    thanks for replies.i installed pro cos i need to send records to internet. wwwroot i think i can do in home edition.
  7. i have the same card but i cannot install it.i found a password like99999999 but it doesnt works for me.is there any alternatives for ether9808.
  8. paratonerali

    ether 9808 dvr card software

    i searched in google and in this forum but couldnt find anything about it.please help
  9. wave-p you can find web site with google and in download section you can find driver.
  10. paratonerali

    Driver Wanted

    wave-p you can find web site with google and in download section you can find driver.
  11. i downloaded the software from their webpage but it is password protected.i have old version but motion dedection is terible.i need new soft. please help me.is there any other program i can use with.
  12. can i set up dvr card to xp home or i must install xp home? pc conf. pentium d 2,66ghz and 1gb ram.
  13. paratonerali

    4.5 mm 1:3.2 lens

    i dont know how to caltulate it.in Turkey i see 6mm cameras.but i think when mm goes bigger angel goes smaller(opposite relation). maybe i can find 4mm fixed lens but im not sure about 1/4 or 1/3.
  14. paratonerali

    4.5 mm 1:3.2 lens

    i take some photos by nokia 6680(1.3 mp 4.5 mm 1:3.2). i need to take the same view with infrared camera.but in ir cameras lens is fixed(settled).they usually use 1/4 or 1/3 and 6mm lens. please help
  15. paratonerali

    Cabling Estimates

    in Turkey 4channel cable is 0.5$