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  1. Hi i have same problem maybe. Cable is STP 4x2xAWG23, Category 6A, 550 MHz, LSOH, Euroclass Eca I used videoBalun HD (is for tvi cameras) and in picture have color bar :/ But this is no problem for ground because ground problem is horizontal lines ... Picture is great and clear but only this color bar scrolling, only one scroling. Is hikvision 5Mpx cameras TVI ... Distance is cca 120m https://youtu.be/bMv5-bRfejI
  2. Hi my friends. Is possible to change sensitivity or object size when is auto tracking enabled? Because in configuration in auto tracking options is only enable/disable smart tracking and duration and zoom ratio Now tracking any moving object... Sensitivity for motion or object size is fixed in this function? Is normal PTZ not dark fighter My camera is DS-2DE7225IW-AE
  3. Hi my friend, i have same problem, i need show cameras in 8 monitors connected to one PC ... do you have solution for this?
  4. Hello, I need help, I am looking for spec for PC to connect 6 LCD displays (27") to my cctv video wall. iVMS 4200 is client for many objects(buildings) but most pictures are sub-stream( it doesn't required hard graphical power) because streaming is via internet connection. Can you help me to spec PC ?