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  1. Hi I have a qnap running Surveillance Station and a few Foscam cameras. I was recently given a Swann NHD-885 4k camera. I've managed to get into the settings of the camera and change the IP address so its on my network but I am unable to get Surveillance Station to see the camera. The camera is Onvif. Has anynody managed to get a Swann camera to work with Surveillance Station?
  2. Another thing to add. If you access your cameras from a mobile device and use a different channel. This will be you last used channel and will swap the NVR to record this channel.
  3. Fixed all my problems. 1. Make sure camera are sending a H.264 substream. I converted my substreams to mjpeg and this does not work with the Super mini NVR. 2. Lower the quality of the substream, this is what the multi display uses. 3. The Super Mini NVR always uses the last format you set your main and substream to. So logon to the substream and logoff on a VGA stream. Logon to main and logoff a HD stream. 4. Don't try to update the firmware it will probably just end up bricked. 5. Anytime your cameras are acting weird log onto the streams and reset them as mentioned in no.3 above.
  4. I have a super mini NVR with 3 x Foscam FI9805W. It all working perfectly until last night. For some reason now 1 of the screens will not display on the 4 screen view unless I change it to VGA and another 1 of screens is frozen in 960p. This is the weird thing, if I browse to the NVR in Internet Explorer everything is working fine.... It just doesn't show fine on the screen attached to the NVR. Whats going on??? What streams are used in 4 screen mode and what is used in full screen display?
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    Mini nvr questions

    I have 3 Foscam FI9805Ws working with the super mini NVR
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    Looks like spiders webs over the camera to me.
  7. Hi guys I'm new to the whole CCTV Forum. My CCTV Hardware. 3 x Foscam FI9805W H.264 Onvif cameras. 1 x ESCAM 8ch Super Mini NVR ESCAM. 1 x WD Passport 2TB Just thought id drop a post in to let you all know I have been messing around with this NVR for a few months now and not had to many problems for the price (£30 ish). I would recommend it to anyone with a Onvif compatible IP cam and wants a cheap solution. It works a treat. I would however suggest do not try and update the firmware on them as I bricked one. The one I bricked was from a firm called COTIER. The ESCAM one I have now has much better firmware on it. There is a question I would like answered. What does it mean by Stream type???
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    Super mini NVR help

    I have just done exactly the same the start screen comes up but then nothing. I cannot ping the device. I also cannot find anything on the internet about factory resetting it. Any ideas anyone?