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  1. jaafe65

    Player for *.dat DVR files

    Hi. Even if it does its job very well, the Superplay player has a not very sophisticated and customizable interface. Anyone know a more sophisticated security dvr player? Thank you. A
  2. jaafe65

    NF mount lens to CS mount camera

    I found somethink, but if somebody has more source i will appraciate https://www.ebay.it/itm/291262166287
  3. Hi The new design NF mount is very compact and light. I'm searching an adapter for using an NF mount lens on CS mount camera, but without results. Does anybody have information about it? Thank you very much. Antonio
  4. jaafe65

    Playback .DAT files on pc

    Hi. I use super play in order to playback .DAT files exported from hdsdi h.264 dvr. Software works properly but im wondering if there are other software for this pourpose. Thanks A
  5. jaafe65

    Remote control by Samsung T protocol

    Ok. I solved the problem. If somebody is interested in it. I tried to understand the few codes Samsung provided in Samsung T protocol manual. In OSD menu, using a software developped in Labview ambient, I changed DATA1 field checking on camera display the effect of changing DATA1 field. After few attemps I noticed positive change in menu. Simple. thank you
  6. Hi to everybody. I'm trying to remotely control a Samsung scb6001 HD-SDI camera using RS485 bus and a software I developped in Labview. In my application I just need to operate with OSD menu (On Screen Display), to move among different items, lens types, exposure, white balance, etc, select properties and save settings. In all Samsung Protocols instruction I found just comand to open and close OSD, and im able to perform this remotely properly. But I never found comand to move up and down in OSD menu. Does anybody experience in this or know comand list to move in ODS menù? Thank you. Antonio
  7. jaafe65

    megapixel microlenses

    Hi Myiicu and thank you for your replay. I would like to use Samsung SCB-6000 with 1/3" CCD. Concerning M12 microlenses are there adapter rings for C/CS mount? Thank you
  8. jaafe65

    megapixel microlenses

    Hi to everybody. Im new on this forum, so I hope my request has not been already posted. For an industrial application I need to monitor a process through a slot 26mm diameter but I was not able to find on market lenses as small as the size I need. Of course for me the best should be to use a HD camera, better if HD-SDI becouse on that plant RG59 cables are already installed, so therefore I need megapixel lenses. The focal lenght should be about 12-15 mm. Does anyboby have hint or suggestion? Thank you Antonio