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  1. Hello everybody. This is what I want to know. I am ready to bite the bullet on a system but cannot decide on whether I want to build one (ip, poe, pc based) or buy an all in one dedicated system. What I am struggling with is how beefy of a computer tower would I need to be able to stream/record/manage say 4 high def cameras that will be recording constantly? Would I definitely need to invest in a pc card? What kind of RAM would the computer need at a minimum in order to be able to stream efficiently? I am aware of the benefits of a pc based system. However, I don't want this latest project of mine to turn into a huge money pit (although I would love for it to). Thank you in advance.
  2. This is all great info. Thank you. Another question I have is what is an "unmanaged" switch? When would you use one?
  3. Can somebody please explain to me WHEN you would need or use each (POE injector vs switch). I have done reading about them and understand the concept of each. However, most articles only explain what each does and NOT when it is best to use one or the other and for what types of applications you use each. Ultimately, this is what I want to do. I want to run 4 60ft cat 5 or 6 lines in my attic, hook up 4 Ip Poe cameras, and have them record to a surveillance drive in my desktop computer. Would an injector or a switch be better? Any recommendations on what to use? I am hoping to hook up something like 2 domes and 2 bullets, most likely Dahua or Hikvision. Here is the router that I have: http://store.linksys.com/Linksys-WRT-HUB_stcVVcatId553965VVviewcat.htm Thank you!
  4. NewbyB

    Which system to buy?

    Thank you for your response. I noticed that many of their products list as 24fps. Isn't the standard 30fps? If I am going to use a 720p television as a monitor, will the images be fluid or will they lag?
  5. I am looking for a system that has 4 cameras (w 8 channel dvr), POE, and 720p. What is the best value system out there?
  6. NewbyB

    Install Question

    I appreciate your response. Another question I have is if the desktop computer where I want to put my camera system Dvr is hooked to the internet wirelessly (Linksys a/c dongle), is a homeplug going to interfere with the wireless connection of the computer? Because they will essentially be right next to one another, and even plugged into the same outlet. The link below is to an article that has me so stumped as to which method to use to hook the dvr up to the internet. http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-get-your-ethernet-only-gadgets-on-your-home-network/ Thanks
  7. Good Morning, I am wanting to install a 4 camera system with Dvr and can't find an answer to my question(s) anywhere in the product descriptions or in reviews on amazon and other sites. We live in a ranch style home that is extremely spread out, with two desktop computer systems- one on one side of the house (where the router is) and the other on the extreme other side. The side of the house where the computer is without the router is where I want to mount the cameras. Most (if not all) of the Dvrs that I see have a Lan jack on the back. I assume that is so that you can remotely view the cameras from a smartphone, tablet, etc. Here are my questions: 1) Is hooking up the dvr to the internet the ONLY reason why it needs to be hooked up to the internet? In other words, can you NOT hook it up to the internet and only suffer from not being able to remotely view the cameras? 2) If I don't want to have to run a Cat5 across my attic (and across the entire house), will a power line adapter, Moca, or wireless bridge work instead of a cat 5? 3) And if so, which of the three methods will work best to stream the media to my devices? Any recommendations on brand(s)? Other side notes, the house is older (built in 1988) but has rg6 ran in all rooms inside the walls. My router is a current and high dollar model, capable of extremely fast speeds and the latest technology. Thank you in advance from a super newby!