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  1. Have you changed the IP address on your -2132 camera to be static and on your local subnet? The Hikvision SADP program is great at finding cameras regardless of their IP address. SADP allows you to change the IP, subnet mask and gateway for each camera it finds, provided you enter the camera's admin account and password. The default IP address for Hikvision cameras is which is a bit goofy. That address probably isn't on your local net and therefore can't be addressed from your web browser. (Unless you temporarily change the settings on your PC's network card.) You also want to enter your gateway address into the camera, which will probably be the IP address of your router. Your local static IP for the camera will likely end up being something like 192.168.x.x Can't help you with the RESET button on the 2132. I was just looking through the 2xxx Series Quick Operation Guide and they don't show it for the 21xx, the 22xx or the 23xx. It's pretty obvious on my 2032 and 2732 cameras. Hopefully, once you set the IP, you won't need to do a hard reset. (Pulling the power has always been enough for me.) This link gives more details. http://www.hikvision.com/UploadFile/image/2013101907130953646.pdf Frank