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  1. funkadelic, I have the identical unit, firmware and all as you... have you added a second drive to it? I have, and since have had recorded video freeze after the first 5 seconds..
  2. That's an automatic IP it assigns itself when it can't find a DHCP server. Configure it for static ip. Use SADP tool to configure it, if you can't connect to it anymore.
  3. khx73

    Swann NVR8-7250

    Yes. They are the identical cameras shipped with that NVR, with the Swann brand name on them. I've added some to mine with no problem. Make sure to do your own checking before you order. I can tell you for sure they are compatible, but I wouldn't recommend you take one person's word for it online. Here is Swann's compatibility chart for cameras and NVRs.. of course it lists only their own branded cameras..but it may help your searching to verify. http://www.swann.com/media/swann-camera-compatibility.pdf I believe the ones that came with my NVR were the SWNHD-835CAM (3MP). I currently have 5 of those and 1 DS-2CD2032-I connected to my NVR8-7250. No problems. If you decide to get the 2032's, play it safe and make sure to get a US/North American version. There are lots of chinese versions around for less cost...but you may have issues if you decide to upgrade the cam's firmware. Again, do your homework. This forum is FULL of info on all this.
  4. khx73

    Swann NVR8-7250

    I have the same NVR. I'm just curious, what made you think those new cameras were compatible with with it? The cameras that come with this NVR are re-branded HikVision DS-2CD2032-I. I think you're going to have to return those 4 cams, and buy some that are compatible. Either the Swann branded ones, or the Hik. You can get the Swann ones from Costco online, the Hiks from many places, such as Amazon. Watch out for Chinese Hiks if you're shopping around for the cheapest price.
  5. External source of light will prevent this too. Visible light, or IR. Just a bit of external light will let you shut off the camera's internal IR. The problem is because the camera's IR lights are very close to the lens..and even the smallest spec of dust, moisture, bugs light up so bright that they constantly trigger. I've got 7 of those cameras in operation, and have stopped using the built in IR on all of them.. even in the garage (dust particles). Added external IR to two of them, and rest have enough visible light around.
  6. I think it's to support all the different software and 'standards' out there that are pre-programmed with different paths. There are a few specific paths that get you certain things.. but most just default to the stream. Even if you misspell.
  7. Why does what exist? diff paths or sub stream? I don't see any need for you to update firmware. .. unless there is something specific in the Hik firmware you really need. I have 6 Swann and 2 Hik and havent had any reason to flash the Swann ones.
  8. Nope. Use whatever one you want.. they'll all get you the same main stream. You'd only have to use a specific one to get the sub stream.
  9. Yup... For the rtsp streams (using VLC, etc): Main stream: rtsp://username:password@cam-ip:rtsp_port/mpeg4/ch33/main/av_stream Sub stream: rtsp://username:password@cam-ip:rtsp_port/mpeg4/ch33/sub/av_stream Or... (same thing, different pathname) Main stream: rtsp://username:password@cam-ip:rtsp_port/PSIA/streaming/channels/101 Sub stream: rtsp://username:password@cam-ip:rtsp_port/PSIA/streaming/channels/102
  10. 1) yes. 1a) yes if you can afford the cpu usage. The options and fine tuning available in BlueIris are much better than that built in the camera. 2) should work fine... as long as nothing is blocking port 22 (ssh). Just tested it on my own 825cam, same version. Login with your admin user/pass.
  11. According to this thread: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=46075 , the 810 aren't Hikvisions. The 2032's aren't likely compatible with that NVR then. You can try factory resetting them to make sure they're ready to be picked up..but I doubt that'll work. You can still use the NVR to power them, but you'll have to access them directly with other software to get any use out of them. Like Blue Iris, or whatever.
  12. No difference. As long as you are the SAME on both ends.
  13. Maybe some, but not all. I did some testing on my Swann NVR after reading this. In my case, the cameras are definitely doing the motion detection. The configuration made on the NVR is sent to the camera - including motion detection zone, sensitivity, etc. I logged into the cams directly, verified the motion detection settings mirrored what the NVR said. Changing on the NVR updated to the camera. However, changing on the camera does not update back to the NVR. When I told the camera "Disable Motion Detection", but didn't tell the NVR, motion detection stopped anyway on that cam. Re-saving the settings from the NVR changed that cam back to enabled.
  14. Look for something like "pre-record" . It caches a certain amount of video constantly, and on an event, it attaches it to the start of the recording so you get to see what happened a few seconds before the actual event. 20-30 seconds seems like a lot... mine is 5s. Not sure why you can't drop the timeline in the middle of a clip and have it start there... if that is what you're describing.
  15. khx73

    FTP Upload Issues

    Try logging into the FTP server with another client software, using that same "Dirname" and make sure that actually works. The syntax there has to be 100% correct. "/" vs "\" for example.. and of course the path itself. Also make sure the user you log in with actually has write permission in that target folder. If anything like that is wrong, it might just give you that error instead of something more helpful like "FTP connect failed".