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  1. From experience I would say Pixord gives good value for money. Simple to install and fast (live) images, both over LAN and WAN. Colour representation is a bit weak, but can be adjusted
  2. You should be able to do this with any security DVR, capable of producing JPEG or JPEG2000 images. Also various PCCard recorders can do this for you.Install the card in your PC run the software and that's it. I use an Alnet PC card plus recording software and export footage to AVI. I am not sure wether you can store the individual images as JPEG images
  3. Quality is hard to judge, without seeing the actual images, but since AVTech761 is an entry-level system capable of handling max 25 fps in total, much will depend on your broadband connection. Would you say that the local quality as seen on the system monitor is acceptable?