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  1. I listed them as 4 channel as that is as far as I know. I listed them at $29 each. Have no idea on value of these.
  2. Thanks for your help. I put them on ebay (ekarir) super cheap and hopefully they'll find a new home. EDIT: I plugged them in to a Ubuntu install and confirmed that in fact theses are the 4 port Aud/Vid version and not the 8 or 16. BLUECHERRY PV-981 – 4 PORT VIDEO/AUD CAPTURE DVR CARD (120FPS) – (PCI-E)
  3. Actually, did more digging and it looks like a PV-981 http://videowave.ca/documentation/PV-981%20Installation%20Guide.pdf In the end it looks like they are BLUECHERRY PV-981 – 16 PORT VIDEO CAPTURE CARD (120FPS) – (PCI-E VERSION) aka http://www.provideo.com.tw/web/DVR%20Card_PV-981A.htm
  4. Thanks a lot. I don't think I am ever going to find a brand. Edit: Just as I said that I found a web site with the exact card, although it seems to raise more questions than it answers. http://eng.integra-s.com/products/pci/
  5. I found these in a server I bought and just wanted to make sure that I am not tossing something of value in the bin. Apologize if this is a pirated card, and I will just bin it if it is. Numbers on the back read WA9810G000104-v2.0 | v2.2 A052906-A1