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  1. lemireslowvoltage

    remote trigger access

    How do you plan to connect this remote trigger to the DVR? Also this would mean you would need 24/7 monitoring of all video feeds for someone to trigger an alarm.
  2. lemireslowvoltage

    Bandwidth/Network Slowdown

    Any internal to internal network connections are not routed out to the internet, your router will know its internal traffic and keep it as such. You will still have the ability to record and view on your internal network.
  3. lemireslowvoltage

    LAN DVR stream connectivity

    Seems like it may be a bad codec to me.
  4. lemireslowvoltage

    Cameras Out In Parking Lot

    IP cameras with a wireless bridge would work.
  5. lemireslowvoltage

    converter for bnc analog cam to ip ?

    If you are out of ports on the DVR are you planning on turning something into an NVR/Hybrid unit to record these additional cameras?
  6. lemireslowvoltage

    First Installation (currently underway)

    What are your concerns with the POE? I would recommend a separate hard drive for the OS and the recordings. Remember you are limited to 300FT with Ethernet.
  7. lemireslowvoltage

    SD Card sizing

    Beyond the size make sure you get a class 10 SDHC card, you will need the faster read write speeds.
  8. My guess would be one of the required ports is forwarded or in use on the router in question and is causing problems. Have you verified the port forwarding on the router to ensure no conflicts?
  9. lemireslowvoltage

    Rj45 ends

    also be sure all cables have made it correctly into the connector, I see this all the time where the cables haven't made it in correctly resulting in spotty connections. If you do this for a living go with the EZ-RJ45 connectors, you can see the cable come out the end of the connector to verify everything is good.
  10. lemireslowvoltage

    is this good equipment?

    If I had to go with one of the two I would go with the Lorex, they have good customer support and are within your price range.
  11. lemireslowvoltage

    Where to get CCTV equipment wholesale

    Not sure if you have ADI or Tri-ed down your way but they would be two more options.
  12. lemireslowvoltage

    Ethernet (S-Video) video feed to BNC?

    Are you looking to go from analog to digital or are you looking to use a balun to send a BNC signal over ethernet?