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  1. Hikvision have a older software called - local playback. Still working ok. If you connect your HDD to your PC you can select from drop out menu and search like in DVR. Let me know if you still need i can upload install somewhere and give a link. Regards,
  2. What is the model number of DVR ?
  3. lokacz76

    hik7732 firmware

    http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/?dir=portal/Product%20Firmware/Back-ends/Recorder/NVR Make sure your pick right model and don't go straight to the last one. Just to be safe...
  4. lokacz76

    TV-7104HE admin password

    Hi, Sorry It might sound stuipid but recently reset to factory via superuser code and just press enter with empty password. My DVR was - VD-A7108HE. Try it
  5. Hi Guys, Any of you suddenly lost password on Hikvision R0 cameras family DS-2CD21XX with older firmware ? I've came across with few different sites where login credentials lost. (13 Feb around lunch time) Any idea what cosing that problem ? After request retrieve password camera back to normal. Thanks, Regards
  6. lokacz76

    verifiation code

    Hi, Had the same problem and found solution on different CCTV forum. You need enable SSH & TELNET on security setting in camera and get client of SSH (I was using Putty) Login to camera via putty(login / password) and type - showKey works for me on camera build in 2014. GL
  7. Hi, If you want to go with the Hikvision IP EXIR - DS-2CD2342WD-I (they come in 4mm lens as well) Inside you might think about DS-2CD2142FWD-I. They should be cheaper and definitely will do the job. As a NVR possibly go with the latest K version NVR. DS-7608NI-K2/8P If your budget don’t matter go with DS-7708NI-I4 That 80Mbit shout be enough even for 6 cameras. Regards,
  8. lokacz76

    Dahua UK distributor

    https://www.cop-eu.com COP is pretty long on the market. They were reliable supplier for me (good few years back)
  9. lokacz76

    AHD camera with Hikvision HD DVR

    DS-7200HUHI-F1/N SERIES TURBO HD DVR The HUHI series take the AHD up to 720p cams.
  10. lokacz76

    Hikvision IP Cam Software upgrade.

    Thanks Daryl, Well explained. Waiting for replay from Videoteknia. None one really recommended to do that... Let you know after replay. Best regards,
  11. lokacz76

    Hikvision IP Cam Software upgrade.

    Would be great !! Thanks man
  12. lokacz76

    Hikvision IP Cam Software upgrade.

    Thanks. That's was worried me. Can't find anything on Videoteknika website so possibly will leave it as it is. Might send the email to supplier and will see. Thanks again.
  13. Hi I have Hikvison IP cam 3 Mpix but is named as Videoteknika VD6554 (version for Dubai brand) with firmware version V5.2.0 build 140721. Thinking about upgrade for Hikvision V5.3.0 build150513. Is anybody tried to do that ? I'm a bit afraid might something go wrong ... Any suggestion welcome. Cheers
  14. lokacz76

    TVI System with backup recording

    Thanks Guys !! Securame Didn't get your idea first time But your solution is really worth it to check it. Just need to find out NVR support that type of recording.
  15. lokacz76

    TVI System with backup recording

    It is a non branded Hikvision DVR but we using existing cabling (coax). Customer very happy with quality but he has analog system set up that way and he wish get the same way with HD quality. At that stage IP way is not an option. Place is quite difficult to run new cable and be honest with you I don't want to go that way... Wondering is the AHD cams acting the same... Don't have access to quick check at the moment. Thanks anyway for idea.