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  1. danielsimoons

    Best camera for under £100

    I recommend you LW2230 series with night vision.
  2. danielsimoons

    Cant identify Camera

    If youre problem is how to identify the camera's manufacturer then check this out: http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/how-to-identify-your-webcam-and-then-find-its-driver.123880/
  3. danielsimoons

    Security Access Control System

    Download link: https://www.awid.com/index.php?option=com_jdownloads&Itemid=170&view=viewdownload&catid=72&cid=488
  4. danielsimoons

    Night Lighting with CCTV camera

    the color is very off when it comes to IR cameras. So its basically choosing the best camera fro your lighting, it is better to use a shutter adjustment.
  5. danielsimoons

    A beep sound

    Check on your DVR. It may be a power loss
  6. danielsimoons

    black clothes showing purple

    There are things to be aware of. The color mostyl our eyes can see is 40nmn
  7. danielsimoons

    need a little help with selecting a system for my house

    If you want a long range cameras and weatherproofed then you purchase Bullet Cameras.
  8. danielsimoons

    CCTV for astronomy

    Before you buy anything specifically, Please consider what kind of pictures you do want to take, A deep sky or scenic, anything like that. If you want to take snapshots because you're referring to astrophotography then an inexpensive dsc would help.