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  1. I reciently tried accessing the DVR on the local network from my laptop and got nothing. I then configured PCanywhere on both DVR server and my laptop. I found that my laptop was visible to the DVR, but the DVR would not show up as remote for my laptop. The DVR is currently using WIN XP 2006v.4 corp edition. I tried dropping all security settings, but the DVR is still not visible. I will try installing a more standard edition of windows, with lower security.
  2. captainJ

    powered rg59

    sorry, I guess I could have been more specific. it's a Screw on terminal. Green molex looking screw on connection. I took a chance and hooked it up anyway. Obviously AC doesn't matter, so everything works fine.
  3. captainJ

    powered rg59

    So, to clarify, AC doesn't matter? That's because it's either hot or neutral, right? I have this Nuvico CV-H easy view dome cam. The power lead coming from the camera has no specification of + - Thanks
  4. That was probably my second human error. I forgot to type :81 instead of :80 Thanks for all the help so far, I'll keep you updated. I will apply everything else suggested when I get back to that location and let you guys know.
  5. A few things I learned today: Web Cam port on NV DVR server is the open port that gives me access when I connect locally ( or I tried changing WebCam port from 80 to 81, but after doing so, it would not give me access locally either. So I had to put it back to 80. Remote Console port I can access locally (using software issued Remote Console APP, but not web browser) using any port I assign it, BUT only when I assign 8080, it will show up open on local port scan. Same as port 80, only when I assigned Web Cam port to 80, it would show up on local port scan. However, only port 110 (POP3) would show on external IP scan. All these scans have been done in the range of 1-9999 I checked Windows Firewall, the service is and has been disabled. The DVR is using RoadRunner Business. So far, does it still look like RR is blocking remote connections? I did an online port scan on the external IP. It said all ports open, but I think they're just trying to advertise their firewall. here's a couple more visuals, maybe it'll help:
  6. haha, yeah I forgot to check soft firewall settings. I don't have any additional firewalls except for the default one that WIN XP comes with. I will remember to check that. so, it looks like I'm close? why 81 and not 80? is it that it might be used already? I don't have any IP cams installed, I just selected that box just in case. All cams are connected via DVR BNC ALSO, if it helps any, I have a DNS updater installed as well. Thanks for keeping posted with me!!!
  7. PORT FORWARDING DMZ PORT TRIGGERING DDN SETTING PING/TRACE ROUTE LOCAL PING ROUTER SETTING AVerMedia DVR NETWORK SETTINGS I found a scanner for remote ports, but I didnt get too far because my ISP freezed my home acct for a few minutes. The local ping worked for the router IP but not my DVR IP which is
  8. I tried a load of numerous things today at work. still no success. are there any scanners that will allow me to scan for open ports remotely? I want to be able to scan that location from my house and see what is open, maybe that'll help. My DNS is registered as iknowjack.dvrdns.org I will post some pics of settings in a little bit...
  9. I think the router is a WTG54G. Don't know the firmware from the top of my head. I'll know later tonight when I go to work. this is not an actual image of my router. also, when I do get everything to work, all I have to do is enter my external IP:port right? THANKS FOR ALL THE INPUT SO FAR!
  10. with my LinkSYS router, it will only let me enter a range of ports per application. so I entered 80 through 8080. I'm guessing that means it will allow everything in between. it looks something like this: Application/Start/End/Protocol/IP Address/Enable I have not entered 9999 yet, I'm not at the server location right now.
  11. I forgot to mention the fact that: keeping my IP configured current with my router, I still got the usual "page cannot be displayed" not once could I remote connect to my dynamic provided IP but using the local IP works every time. so, what else should I look at? as I understand from what you said, it should temporarily work.
  12. Even though I do NOT have a static IP, my IP does not renew for atleast 24HRs. I configured my router for the current IP and allowed port forwarding. Before my IP lease renews, I should be able to remote access via my IP:port forwarding. Right? Yes, I can remote access via local IP. would DynDNS solve that problem? Logically, it is only converting IP numbering to verbal addressing. AVermedia5000 Linksys router jack.iknowjack@gmail.com
  13. captainJ

    AMD cpu

    I have the AVerMedia 5000 and it required to deactivate Hyperthreading. So maybe that's why you can use AMD systems with AVerMedia.
  14. I had to come back and revisit my last question here: So I basically spent $170 for a 3amp AC/4 amp DC 8 CH power/charger box by Altronix. It came with no battery, yet, I still paid $70 more for this one compared to the same product with no charger. Is that about the right price for a power/charger box? Not only did I spend an extra $70 and ended up with no battery, but now I'll be spending EVEN more for a battery! I originally was going to wire the box into existing conduit, but found that with the location I am installing at, I could easily just run a outlet plug instead. Now after installing the first box, I was looking at it just thinking, "well if I'm just plugging the dang thing in the wall, I should have just bought a standard box with no charger for $70 less and buy a UPS. I need to know if there is any real cost difference between different options for having a charger or UPS and if I am spending too much. ?what cost and or performances advantages can I choose from and what are the PROs and CONs? the situation I am in now, I can imagine buying a battery for my existing system will cost me about $50 and that would total with the power box for $220. I could have bought a power box with no charger for $100 and a UPS for $100c
  15. captainJ

    False camera specs

    I know Geovision is top line, maybe I just had a bad experience. My server has a good power supply and air flow; intake from the front-bottom and side, exhaust from the top and back. I initially built the server around the demanding specs for the Geovision card. It was a GV-1000-16 I had a temp prob on the DVR card because the server's ambient temp was rising significantly. Every time I opened the DVR software, the temp would climb and my PC would lock up. Frustrated trying to troubleshoot the thing, I walked off for a second. When I came back in, the room smelled like fresh hardware receiving electricity for the first time. I looked at the temp probe and it read 83C. So I didn't even do the whole proper Windows start/shutdown routine, just yanked out the power cord immediately! Needless to say, I stopped troubleshooting, asked no questions and returned it. I wouldn't mind giving GEO a second chance, but the owner that i'm building the server for, didn't want any repeat incidences.