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  1. lucidpsykosis

    Security dashcam search for fleet cars

    Hi. As in another thread..... Its reliability that is also needed. And 250 cars you will be swapping a lot a week for failure We have ordered one of these to try. ..... Let's hope it lasts longer than it warranty. https://www.blackvue.com/dr650s-2ch/ That's the kind of info I need, thank you. This was one of the final choices, so maybe I need to keep looking.
  2. I work for a company that has 250+ cars that are rented. We've had many problems with vehicles being stolen, hit and runs, and other problems. Does anyone know of a dashcam system, that shows out the front (for accidents), and the interior of the car? The unit would have to be secured and vandal proof mounting. Oh, also a way of retrieving the video via cellular signal or cloud. I greatly appreciate any help with this. I've searched the net for the past couple weeks and haven't found quite what we need.