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  1. Hello All, I would appreciate any and all advice here. I am planning on installing a new camera system but I'm not sure whats good out there since I have little experience with security systems. I'm very tech-savy so I can figure out anything I can install everything. I would like an 8 channel system with at least 4 cameras included. Good quality. I was looking at the HD IP systems. But like I said, I don't know much about security cameras. I will be installing them outside to monitor a part of my street, driveway and doors. I preferably would like clear picture, but I know that comes with a price. I will most likely buy additional "high-quality" cameras at a later time. So I would want there to be no issues to connect those cameras to the system I buy. Which cameras would you recommend that would be good at night with limited light? I saw people on the forums recommend a Swann 8 channel 2 TB HD NVR System from Costco. Is it any good? Which is better Swann? Q-See? Lorex? Something else? I would like recommendations on a good system, whatever it would be. Also, if you could recommend a 8 Channel 4 Camera HD system for around $1000 or less. Thank You Any help is appreciated!