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    Trouble finding a lens

    cosmicar lenses have filter threads. some computar lenses (mostly motorized zoom/focus) have filter threads. i have played around with using 35mm slr camera lenses (specifically m42/pentax mount) on cctv cameras using a c-mount adapter. for the most part it works, but because the image sensor in a cctv camera is much smaller than a frame of 35mm film, the field-of-view is reduced substantially.. a 135mm portrait lens becomes a telescope when used on a cctv camera. sometimes this can be a good thing, especially if you need a very long-range lens.
  2. marzsit

    Running pipe sucks

    we run all of our own conduit, but we know how to cut and bend it properly so it's not much of a problem really..
  3. marzsit

    1/2' CS lens on a 1/3' CS camera ?

    the pot connections are for position feedback, useless for your purposes.. the motors are controlled by 2 wires each, polarity reverses movement. i have a similar lens (computar 5-75mm) and a 9-volt battery seems to work just fine for running it's motors in and out. the iris appears to be dc on your lens, hopefully your camera will accomodate that.. the iris must be connected (correctly..) or you won't get any light through the lens.
  4. marzsit

    board cameras

    i figured it out, it is 12vdc. it's also black & white and very grainy... i suspect it's one of the first generation board cams.
  5. marzsit

    board cameras

    has anybody ever come across an open circuit board-type camera that didn't operate on 12vdc? i have an unknown board camera that an engineer gave me to play with, but no documentation.. i don't even know if it's color or b/w. it has no connectors soldered to it, just 3 wires (red, black, brown) i'm assuming the video signal ground is combined with the electrical ground on the black wire, red is power, brown is video signal.
  6. marzsit

    24V power supply question

    if you use a multi-camera supply, make sure it has individually-fused outputs.. experienced thieves sometimes will intentionally short out cameras in the hopes of bringing all of the cameras on a single supply down.
  7. http://store.earthlcd.com has some low-cost lcd display kits, i've used them a few times in the past and always recieved great service from them. look under "video solutions", most of the kits in the kit section are for pc-based displays..
  8. marzsit

    Tractor Trailer Coverts

    why is it important to see inside the trailer? is the missing merchandise pocket-sized stuff??
  9. marzsit

    hello from seattle, wa.

    i'm a factory maintenance technician that sometimes has to service our production line cctv systems, this involves new and sometimes ancient hardware.. i'm hoping to pick the brains of some of the more technically minded members when i'm in a bind
  10. marzsit

    Cameras close to beach

    aluminum or stainless fasteners only.
  11. marzsit

    Elevator surveillance

    whatever cable you choose, it will have to withstand a lot of flexing over the years... which will rule out solid conductors like cat5 or coax with a solid center conductor. it would be no fun at all locating a break in a very long cable deep within the elevator shaft... the elevator cab already has at least 120vac power for the interior lights, i would power the camera locally which eliminates the need for siamese cable.
  12. marzsit

    Wire question

    try westlake electronics in seattle, they have several styles of belden siamese cable. i think they also have a website..
  13. marzsit

    Cameras close to beach

    aluminum won't corrode if you install it correctly, never mix dissimilar metals or create stray current paths... read up on "galvanic corrosion" for pointers.
  14. marzsit

    self storage facility

    pocket-sized, cordless dremel tools with abrasive cutoff wheels are available at any home depot and will cut through the largest padlock in about a minute.. and weigh a lot less than a pair of bolt cutters.
  15. my understanding is that an ip camera uses more power than a typical video camera because of it's integrated cpu/web server, so i would say probably not enough power even on doubled or tripled-up 24awg pairs.
  16. marzsit

    Vertical White Line

    discharging the crt isn't that difficult to do, basically you short the metal frame on the front of the crt tube to the aquadag connection on the side of the tube under what normally looks like a rubber suction cup. a jumper lead with 2 alligator clips and a thin screwdriver that slides under the rubber cup to touch the dag connection is all that is needed.
  17. marzsit

    1 KM camera

    c-mount adapters for 35mm photo lenses are readily available, as are 1000mm mto and rubinar telephoto mirror lenses (russian made) the combo works very well for long-distance work for not too much $$
  18. marzsit

    just wondering...

    i'm wondering about this unit: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2475943&Sku=Q300-2258&SRCCODE=PWATCH&CMP=OTC-PWATCH it looks like it could work for what i need, has anybody ever heard of q-see before? does it look like it could be worth the $70 risk?
  19. is there such a thing on the market as a single-channel dvr device, usb connected, that captures at a high resolution and frame rate with motion detection, adjustable frame rates, etc. ? i'm talking decent quality, not garbage grade... i have seen usb video grabbers at the computer shops, but none of them have motion detection capability as far as i can tell.. here's the situation: on occasion i need to set up a temporary camera/dvr setup to watch a piece of production equipment (cnc lathe/mill, waterjet cutter, punch press etc..) for faults during a run when a technician can't spend all night standing around waiting for a machine to fault out. i've been using an ancient novex "video catcher" which connects to the printer port of my laptop computer, but at best it can only capture 2 fps at 240x320(?) which misses a lot on fast-moving equipment. i tried using a typical usb-connected webcam, the frame rate is much better but the resolution is terrible..
  20. the salesman probably assumed that you were running power to simple cameras without ptz positioning motors.. or, he personally had never done a long-distance install using cat-5 for all 3 functions. hate to say this, but you're screwed.. bumping the primary voltage won't work with a long-distance ptz because in order to have high enough voltage to correctly operate the ptz motors, the camera will most likely operate with too high of a voltage when the motors are idle.
  21. marzsit

    just wondering...

    what i've been doing is having the dvr record in continuous overlap with motion detection on. when the machine stops, so does the recording. i thought about tapping into one of the light sockets on the machine's christmas tree for error output, but some machines are 24vdc, others are 120vac and the system has to be portable, not permanently installed. i have the camera (panasonic wv-cp230 color box camera, various lenses depending on the situation) mounted on a cheap targus tripod, the laptop hangs in it's bag below the camera and both the laptop and camera operate on 120vac via an extension cord. another annoying problem is that the novex software doesn't generate standard video files.. something that would generate .avi or .mpg files would be outstanding and much easier to email video files to production engineers..
  22. marzsit

    Bullet Camera Recommendations

    is this because the bullet design forces the ccd to run hot?
  23. marzsit

    Need advice - repeated targeted burglaries

    not all rg6 is aluminum, sometimes it can be copper but i doubt any of the home depot/lowes stuff is...
  24. marzsit

    Low end Night/Day Camera any good?

    yes, you can. the larger sensor will also increase the field-of-view so you might not need a wider angle lens than you already have.
  25. dsl in the seattle area is very slow on uploads, you're probably limited to 256kbps like i am, and that's when the network is operating at minimum capacity... during peak hours my upload speeds usually drop down to 180kbps and sometimes lower..